Why to save & invest money for future? Check This 10 simple reasons!

Are you saving for the future? no or yes?
If that’s the case, you might be wondering what a stupid question this is, because it’s so obvious that money needs to be saved for the future. We all do that too!
You are wrong!
Trust me, over the past 10 years, we have worked with many investors who are not as cautious and forward thinking as you. Many investors are up to date when it comes to saving money. They are simply putting their savings into the future and relying on luck or perhaps they are not putting in enough energy to save money.
So today, I thought I would write about 10 simple reasons why one should save and invest their money for the future. I want these 10 points to serve as a reminder for you. Note that when I say “save” in this article, I mean “save and invest.”
Because N. #1: It will help you in bad times
We all know that life is dynamic and bad things can happen. You may lose a job one day and lose your job. Or it can cost a lot of money to hospitalize a loved one. You never know what the future holds!
If you have enough savings, you will be able to handle the situation better and you will not have to run to other people for money. There are always phases in life when things go wrong and if you don’t have savings, it can upset you! So saving helps you in bad times!
Because N. 2: One Day You’ll Stop Winning
Sometimes I wonder why so many people forget the simple thing that one day they will stop winning.
It’s called “retirement”
I have seen many people in their 30s and 40s who behave as if they will continue to have a salary in their bank account for the rest of their lives. They don’t try hard enough to save money. They keep delaying their investment plans and one day they realize that they are now in the danger zone!
Don’t forget that once you start your job, the expenses will never stop thereafter, but your profit will come until you are 55-60 years old!
Because N#3 – Have peace of mind
You always feel a sense of security and peace when you have enough money to support you. I’m talking about the day-to-day feeling when it comes to bad news.
Imagine situations like:
  • Negotiating layoffs at your company
  • Thoughts of hospitalizing someone in the family.
  • The news of increasing rates from your children’s school.. again !!

All these little things in life will bother you subconsciously and you will not get peace of mind because you know deep down that you have neither savings nor less money. If something happens to your job, how do you handle things?

If you’ve worked for many years, you’ll agree that there are some tough days when you just feel like getting away from it all and relaxing and enjoying life. You feel weary of corporate life and this rat race and you only ask yourself, “If only I had enough money in my bank account!” ..
It is also very stressful and you may feel alone compared to your peers. That’s why it’s important to start saving for the future!,
Because N. #4: Be Financially Free
We all want to reach a point in life where we do not have to completely depend on our wages. We all want to create a level that is high enough to generate some income so that we can at least manage our basic expenses. I mean financial freedom.
When you start working you don’t have wealth and you have to depend 100% on your salary. But over time, the value of your basket of funds should increase so that you can, if necessary, withdraw money when necessary.
If someone needs Rs 40,000 a month for his expenses and has a savings of Rs 4.8 lakh, then deep down he knows he has money for at least 1 year.
With 48 lacs, they can last for 8-10 years (don’t consider inflation)
This way, you reach a point in your life where your money alone is enough to create an income stream that at least covers your basic expenses, if not a luxurious lifestyle.
If you’ve started your wealth-building journey on time, you’re slowly moving toward financial independence, and perhaps between your 40s and 50s (don’t confuse it with your retirement) you’ll have some level of independence. will have financial independence.
Because N. 5: So that you do not fall into the debt trap
Remember that people in debt trap started small today. First they took a small loan, and then they continued with it, they didn’t manage it well and now after many years, they are in deep debt trap. Think about why they even started with a small loan like a credit card loan or a small 2 lac personal loan.
It’s because they didn’t have enough money left!! The root cause of debt trap is that people do not save for the future and then gradually have to depend on debt to meet their needs and requirements.
 Because  #6 – Feeling of progress in life
A sense of “progress” is very important in your financial life. You may have zero bank balance at the beginning of your career. But if after working for 8-10 years you have little to show then it crushes you from inside.
It’s like running for hours, only to find you haven’t moved much. If you do not save on time, then for a period you may feel like a failure as you do not see any progress in your money.
I also said in one of my tweets that “if your net worth doesn’t increase, you are probably a rich slave” and nothing more. Think about it!
And building wealth over time isn’t too difficult. Even a small amount can turn into a large amount over a long period of time.
Because#7: Handle major life events.
Many important events will come in your life.
School fees for children (recurring)
Vacation (Recurring)
early childhood education higher education
buy house
Car Updates (Recurring)
home renovation
And lots of little incidents that will constantly demand money!
What are you going to do if you are not going to save enough for the future? Does it depend on the loan? Caught in a debt trap?
Starting your wealth building journey early in life increases the chances that you will meet these financial goals with less stress and without compromising on time!
Because #8 – So You Can Spend Without Feeling Guilty!
I have noticed that many families are not taking enough vacations or not spending enough on themselves. They keep on taking shortcuts and often try to pretend that they are ordinary people and they do not believe in losing money. But deep down it is because they have no wealth at all!
This means that every so often, they often feel guilty for spending money. They feel that they are doing something wrong. They are depriving themselves today, so they don’t have to deprive themselves of their future!
It affects not only them, but their spouse, children, parents and everyone around them at some level. A good financial life is not just about saving money, it is about spending money wisely!
So start saving today so that in future when you have to spend money on things you love, you can do so with a free mind without any guilt!
Because #9 – Explore an Alternative Career
Many people are not happy with their work. They feel stuck and want to do something about it. But once you get a home loan and have no other skills, it becomes a permanent job for you.
You cannot give up and explore other career options as you do not have a backup plan. Forget about changing careers, ask yourself if you can take a 2-3 year break from work. Do you have enough money to return it?
If you save enough today, there will come a time when you will feel more comfortable making that kind of difficult decision. Having money on your side – gives you enough power to tell your boss that it sucks and you won’t come the next day!
You will be able to take calculated risks in life and try many things… so start saving now!
Because #10 – Do it so you can leave a legacy
I have many friends who have inherited enough from their parents. His money issues are partially resolved. Imagine someone in a big city (Bangalore or Mumbai) whose parents are going to leave a house or a large portfolio/business for them.
Only one person gets burdened with a huge EMI and no future legacy can understand what I am talking about.
A close friend of mine has a property worth Rs 10 crore today (he is just 35 years old) made by his grandfather. He has his own house, other properties and few sources of income. Imagine what it would be like for you if you made a lot more money than your ancestors! What will be your mental state?
I am not saying that it will solve all the issues in your life but you have one less big thing to worry about in life. You just build on that!
You don’t get an inheritance because your parents messed up their retirement and didn’t create enough wealth. You can choose not to do this to your next generation. I know this is a subjective thing and not everyone is excited or agrees with the idea of ​​leaving a legacy.