What is Minimalism? What are its advantages? Know – What is Minimalism? What are its advantages? know this

Minimalism is not about spending less but only buying what is necessary. Watch the video to know more about it

Mumbai : Shopping sickness is catching up these days i.e. the amount of mindless shopping has increased. The name of this disease of shopping is Minimalism. Now what is minimalism? Now let us know what are its advantages and disadvantages. Minimalism isn’t about spending less, it’s about buying what is essential. There is a difference between minimalist and simplistic.

A minimalist doesn’t hoard anything. There is no wrong way in life but live as much as you need so if you want to buy good brand and good quality shoes then buy 2 or 3 pair of shoes. Buying 2 pairs of shoes is minimalism while 10 pairs of shoes is considered materialism.

For this it is necessary to understand a theory. Consists of using an item in a time frame. And if it is not of use then it is useless to buy it. If you don’t use shoes, clothes, electrical appliances after buying stuff, you can live your life properly by spending less and without buying unnecessary things. So shop carefully and carefully while shopping.

E-sites attract people to shop if they go shopping. There are frequent sales on these sites. So we buy things we don’t need because the prices look low. There are also shopping fests after visiting the mall. Looks like a sale on big brands. That’s why go to such places only if necessary.

We have told you how to become a minimalist, now let us know the benefits of this. Minimalism will save you money. Investment will increase. The money spent on shopping should be kept as investment. Spending money on travel is a different experience than shopping. You can also save space in your home by reducing purchases. If you accumulate too much stuff, you will not get the desired item. But you will get mental satisfaction due to less stuff in the house.

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