UPSC Preparation Tips: What are the Benefits of Answer Writing Practice in UPSC Preparation?

UPSC Preparation Tips: When we practice anything, this process of practice gradually reaches that thing in our subconscious mind. It enters our subconscious mind from our conscious mind and sits there in such a way that now whenever the need arises, it is immediately present to help us. To be honest, the purpose of practice is not only to achieve perfection but also to bring the whole process to our subconscious mind. It can also be said that when a process is registered in the subconscious mind, that process does not come to completion, but the journey to completion definitely begins from there. Now it depends on you how long you will travel on this route. The longer the journey, the greater the perfection.

Answers would have been better if practiced
Now it depends on you how perfect you want to perfect your answers in civil services exam. It is possible that you can come up with answers without practice, which will lead you to success. You will also get admission in Indian Administrative Service. But here is a possibility that if you had practiced, your answers would have been better and you would have scored more marks. If so, it would have made a difference in the rankings. You already know that further career in any service depends on your ranking in your batch. If you can improve your ranking by dedicating some time to practice and managing the stress that comes with that practice, why not do it? If nothing else, at least there will be no damage.

Practice writing answers to questions that are likely to be asked
One thing should be very clear in your mind that when practicing answer writing, it simply means writing answers to some of the questions that will be asked in the exam. It does not mean that you start writing the answer to whatever question comes to your mind.

Satisfy yourself by writing the answer
I have found that most students take it as a mere formality. They feel that answers should be written and satisfy themselves by writing some answers. This gives you satisfaction, but does not serve the purpose for which you are writing the answer. It is better not to write the answer at all. (Writer Dr. Vijay Aggarwal is a former civil servant and founder of AFEIAS.)

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