UPSC Preparation Tips: Should you study only for the exam? How to get good marks in life?

New Delhi (UPSC Preparation Tips, Education System), the fundamentals in general are the key to transforming the ‘reading process’ into a ‘learning process’. That is why we can consider all the obstacles encountered during this process of change as fundamental challenges. Since this whole process of knowledge is related to intelligence and mind, it is natural that most of the challenges related to it will be related to the science of intelligence and mind.

The mind works in a very subtle way. Once you recognize and catch even the smallest wave that has arisen at the level of thought, the mind starts working for you accordingly. However, this thing is not easy for everyone. But whether you can understand this subtle working of the mind or not does not matter to the learning process. Here we will try to find out the most important challenges that come up in understanding the basics.

Take advantage of challenges
Here I would like to emphasize that if you skip these challenges after reading, this information will not be of any use to you. You are advised to read these challenges and especially the ones related to psychology carefully one by one and then try to apply them all on yourself. This will give you an idea of ​​what kind of interview you get when you face these challenges. Only then will this information turn into knowledge and only then will you be able to benefit from it.

What are the fundamental challenges?
Some of the key challenges are as follows – The ‘I know’ mindset is full of misconceptions. This is the most dangerous way of thinking, which kills your learning journey in the future. This wrong thought should be replaced by the thought ‘I want to know’. It’s okay that you know, but it’s equally okay that there’s more to know. Remember, there is never an end to learning. This truth from knowledge can be a panacea to balance your disturbed psyche.

How to initiate change?
Always remember this important fact of the field of knowledge that it is not in length or in surface. It has to do with depth and depth doesn’t end anywhere. Such simplicity seen on the surface is for common people. To be a civil servant you have to be something better than these common people. This requires you to go below the surface and as you go down you will encounter complications. But one has to start from the surface i.e. just the basics.

Are you just preparing for an exam?
Only if you align your psychology with this idea can your mind break through the hard shell of the surface and penetrate. Otherwise lakhs and crores of people continue to walk on this ground throughout their lives. So far what you have done for formal education has been at the core – passing exams (exam strategy). It is obvious that ‘what will be asked in the exam’ should be at the center of our reading pattern when the aim is to pass the exam.

Change your mind to become a civil servant
If you think that the exam does not have many questions from the basics, you are not wrong. But this fact of formal education makes the civil services exam very difficult because we left the basics the same. Don’t you think what a big mistake we have made in doing so? But if you do this same mistake in UPSC exam then trust me you will not succeed. Basically, if you want to grasp the truth, you should forget the fact that ‘questions are not asked on this in the exam’.
Vijay Aggarwal Dr
(The author is a former civil servant and founder of Efias)

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