UPSC Interview 2023: If You Want to Be an IAS Don’t Make These Interview Mistakes, Prepare Yourself This Way

New Delhi (UPSC Interview 2023, UPSC Exam), UPSC interview is the last stage in the three phase UPSC exam. Union Public Service Commission has released UPSC Interview 2023 Schedule. This year, the interview to become IAS (IAS interview) will be held between 30 January 2023 to 10 March 2023.

UPSC exam is considered among the toughest exams not only in the country but also in the world. Every year lakhs of candidates appear in it, some of them succeed and join government jobs. Only successful candidates in UPSC Mains can reach the interview round. Know what mistakes to avoid during UPSC interview.

1- Not believing in yourself
Every candidate who is appearing for UPSC interview must be confident. If you think of yourself as less than others, you will look confused while answering the IAS interview. This can directly affect your results.

2- Can’t remember things written in DAF
Every candidate appearing for UPSC interview fills DAF i.e. Detailed Application Form (DAF UPSC). In this you have to fill many information from your education to hobby. Before giving the interview, check your DAF form.

3- Not smiling during the interview
Civil service means serving the public. Board members do not like candidates who take a direct or rigid stance during the UPSC interview. It would be good to keep a smile on your face during the interview.

4- Forgetting to say hello
During the interview, the panelists present test the candidate on each parameter. To make a good impression on them, it’s important to greet them as soon as you enter the room. Remember, it’s the little things that show your personality (interview etiquette).

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