UPSC Exam: UPSC rules are different for everyone, know who can take the exam and how many times

New Delhi (UPSC Exam, Government Jobs), UPSC Exam Form 2023 has been released on Central Public Service Commission has also uploaded the government job exam schedule and vacancy details on the website. UPSC exam pattern is not only difficult but its rules are also very strict (UPSC Exam Rules).

Candidates appearing in the UPSC exam are given reservation in various categories (UPSC Exam Caste Reservation). Accordingly their effort and age limit is decided (UPSC Age Limit). If you are giving UPSC civil services exam for the first time, know how many chances you will get for this government job exam according to your category (UPSC IAS attempt).

How many times can you take the UPSC exam?
1- General or Economically Weaker Section i.e. EWS Candidates can give UPSC Civil Services Exam maximum 6 times (UPSC Exam Attempts). If they don’t succeed even 6 times, their chances will be over.
2- Maximum 9 attempts for UPSC exam for OBC category candidates. Maximum number of UPSC IAS attempts is 9 for General, EWS and OBC category disabled candidates.
3- SC and ST category candidates have no restriction on UPSC attempts. As per the rules of the commission a candidate can appear for the examination any number of times till he reaches the maximum age limit.

How are UPSC Attempts Measured?
Even after filling the UPSC Prelims exam form, if you do not appear for the exam, it will not be considered an attempt. But if you have given UPSC prelims exam then it will be considered as an attempt. After qualifying, even if the candidate does not appear in the main examination, he/she will be counted in the attempt. As soon as a candidate appears in a paper of the Civil Services Pre-examination, one of his attempts will be wasted. If a candidate is disqualified for any reason or his candidature is canceled during the examination, he will still be deemed to have attempted.

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