UPSC Exam: Prepare for UPSC Exam with these Books, Named by IFS itself

New Delhi (UPSC Exam, IFS Arushi Mishra), UPSC exam is the third toughest exam in the world. A lot of study material (UPSC Study Material) is available in internet and library to prepare for this exam. In such a situation, it is natural for students to get confused. They start studying or making notes wherever they find text.

IFS officer Arushi Mishra who secured second rank in UPSC Forest Services Exam (IFS Arushi Mishra) Often answers questions related to UPSC exam. Recently in his question session he advised the best books to prepare for UPSC exam (UPSC Books). If you are preparing for UPSC exam then you can also make notes from these books.

1- Politics
Laxmikant book

2- Modern History
Spectrum book

3- Ancient history
Lucent/Arihant Handbook

4- Medieval History
Lucent/Arihant Handbook

5- Art and Culture
Nitin Singhania’s Xerox Notes (Nitin Singhania (Xerox Notes)

6- Environment
Shankar IAS Book
The Lucent Handbook

7- Geography
GC Leong
Periyar Publication
kbc nano map work book
A book of maps

8- Economics
Coaching Notes (if any)
Mrinal Patel Lectures

9- Science
Lucent / Arihant Handbook

10- Social Science
current affairs

11- International Affairs
current affairs

12- Current Affairs
PT 365
Newspaper (take photo and keep)

13- Test Series
Drishti IAS (All Tests) Drishti IAS

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