UPSC Exam: If you want to become IAS then don’t do these mistakes in UPSC exam, result will be bad

New Delhi (UPSC Exam, UPSC OMR Sheet), lakhs of candidates register for the UPSC exam every year. UPSC Civil Services Exam is the toughest exam in the country. To crack it one should know the correct method of filling OMR sheet along with expert advice.

Union Public Service Commission has explained the process of filling UPSC OMR sheet at Actually, if there is any mistake while filling the UPSC OMR sheet, even if the answer is correct, your marks may be deducted (UPSC Exam Mistakes). A little care during the exam can avoid these mistakes.

Where is the mistake in the OMR sheet?
According to the Central Public Service Commission, UPSC examinees make most of the mistakes while filling the OMR sheet and Scannable Attendance List. These mistakes seem small, but they deduct the marks of the candidates. Its effect is visible in UPSC result.

What was wrong with the booklet series?
On page number three of the UPSC circular it is stated that many applicants circle C instead of Series A in the booklet series. In such a case your sheet is likely to be checked as per C series. In this scenario all or most of the candidate’s answers may be wrong as the questions and answers in the C series will be different.

Forget filling out the booklet series
UPSC circular page number four states that many applicants forget to fill booklet series, which is wrong (UPSC Exam Mistakes). Each candidate must fill a series of booklets. Remember that the computer will only check as much as it is told. Many applicants do not even know the correct method of filling the roll number.

What not to do on OMR sheet?
Some errors are mentioned on UPSC circular page five. The commission has given clear instructions that no lines, words, figures should be drawn on the OMR sheet. The computer checks the OMR sheet. He can reject the copy if it has any lines or shapes. Do not write Jai Shri Ram or draw any line wrongly on the OMR sheet.

How to fill bubble on OMR sheet?
The Commission has observed that applicants appearing for various competitive examinations fill the bubbles incompletely many times in the OMR sheet. This is wrong. The bubble should always be filled completely and neatly. Even if you don’t do this, the result can be bad. In any all India level exam every number makes and spoils the quality. So be careful while filling OMR sheet.

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