Twitter: Twitter employees google Musk! The office closed in the afternoon.

Twitter: Twitter employees have given Elon Musk a big Google..

Twitter: Twitter employees google Musk!  The office closed in the afternoon.

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New Delhi : Elon Musk (Elon Musk) via twitter (Twitter) Controversy has haunted him since his purchase. Musk’s stance has sparked controversy on Twitter and in the world outside Twitter. Now that the employees are facing criticism from all over the world against their role (Staff) Musk has been googled.

So this new controversy arose on Thursday. employees by 2 p.m. Google asked to fill the form. Some questions were asked in it. It turns out that employees answer this question through direct action.

so come please Google Employees in the form want to work in Twitter or not? Such a provocative question was asked. Musk thought employees would send him yes or no answers in a Google form.

but the workers come Google At last Ramram was sent directly. Some employees have resigned through this form sharing their experiences. The difficulties in front of Twitter increased as many employees started the resignation session directly through this form.

Offices in some regions were closed in the afternoon as Twitter employees resigned yesterday. Some employees have claimed about this.

Journalist Joe Schiffer reported on the incident. Accordingly, this Google Form annoyed the employees. They resigned en masse. Due to this, many offices of Twitter were closed on Thursday afternoon itself.

There is a discussion on social media that the office has been closed due to the apprehension of vandalism in the office by some employees. Due to all these developments, Twitter’s office will be closed for four days. Twitter’s office will open on 21 November.

Half of Twitter’s 7,500 employees have resigned or been fired by Musk. Some employees were called back to work. But the figure of how many of them rejoined was not revealed.

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