Twitter: Paid service again for Blue Tick, starting from this date .. Elon Musk announced ..

Twitter: Twitter once again started Blue Tick paid service, from this date customers will have to pay

Twitter: Paid service again for Blue Tick, starting from this date .. Elon Musk announced ..

restoration of paid services

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New Delhi : blue tick a paid service by twitter (Twitter) Started again. users of this date (the user) Money has to be given. Elon Musk is the richest person in the world (Elon Musk) It has been announced. So users have to pay for blue tick.

Twitter had already started charging users for blue ticks. But, this service is highly misused by some users. He defrauded many companies by opening fake accounts. He was harmed by misusing his name.

Twitter will now make this service paid from November 29. There was a stir on Twitter due to this disturbance in the account. He immediately stopped this service. Musk has decided to restart the service.

Before Musk’s arrival, the service was completely free on October 27. Blue ticks were given to world famous personalities, actors, actresses, political leaders, public figures, journalists after verification.

After the arrival of Musk, he decided to make this service paid. Accordingly, it was clarified that users will have to pay for Blue Tick. The service was announced to be paid from 6 November, and due to the immediate disruption the service was briefly suspended.

Musk tweeted that service was being resumed. He said that this service is being started from 29 November. Also, now Musk has assured that this paid service will not be provided until all the details and information are confirmed.

Being Elon Musk is no easy feat. It takes a lot of hard work. Musk has been camping in Twitter’s office for the past few days. They stay awake till late night in the office and are sleeping there.

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