Today Petrol Price: Friend, when will you get relief from fuel inflation? Petrol diesel rates today 5 February 2023 in the whole city, know the complete list of your state’s latest price

Today Petrol Price: Two years have passed since waiting for the prices of petrol and diesel to come under control. How many more days have to wait now?

New Delhi : Petrol and diesel prices in the last two years (Petrol-Diesel Rate) It was often discussed that it would decrease. But nothing happened to the citizens. On the contrary, they have been licking their pockets for two years. General budget regarding the prices of petrol-diesel and domestic gas (Domestic Gas Price) It has tripled every month. If this burden is reduced, then inflation can be controlled. But citizens do not know where the fly sneezes. crude oil prices last summer and again in July and August (Crude oil price today) were touching the sky. Apart from these exceptions, crude oil prices have remained stable. Still Indian Oil Marketing Companies (OMC) There is a loss in petrol and diesel. Now for the last ten days, there is a huge decline in crude oil in the international market. Due to the strategy of the Modi government, India is getting fuel from Russia at a cheaper price. Then when will the common man get relief on the petrol-diesel front, this question is troubling the drivers going to the petrol pump. But at present, he does not see any exemption due to the increase in prices.

Crude oil remains steady in the international market (price of crude oil) Declining. Price is decreasing every day. The prices have come down drastically in the last five days. wti crude oil (wti crude oil price) $73.39 a barrel. So for Brent crude oil (Brent crude oil) The price is $79.94 per barrel.

The central government had reduced the excise duty on fuel on May 21, 2022, to bring petrol-diesel prices under control. After that petrol became cheaper by Rs 8 and diesel by Rs 6 in the country. The reduction in VAT by some BJP-ruled state governments has brought fuel prices down to Rs 100. The new Congress government in Haryana has increased the tax on diesel by Rs 3 per litre.

Oil marketing companies in India announce rates at 6 am. Depending on the same, there is a difference in the price in different parts of the country according to the state tax, local body tax, commission of the pump owner. Based on that, there is a difference in fuel prices in different cities of the country.

Let’s take a look at the prices of petrol and diesel in major cities of Maharashtra today on Sunday. Petrol in Mumbai costs Rs 106.31 and diesel costs Rs 94.27 per litre. Ahmednagar petrol Rs 106.44 and diesel Rs 92.94 per litre, Akola petrol Rs 106.14 and diesel Rs 92.69 per litre,

107.14 while diesel is Rs 93.65 per liter in Amravati, Rs 107.98 and diesel Rs 95.94 per liter in Aurangabad, petrol Rs 106.06 and diesel Rs 93.23 per liter in Nagpur, petrol Rs 108.32 and diesel Rs 108.32 per liter in Nanded. Diesel is Rs 94.78 per litre.

Petrol in Jalgaon Rs 107.22 and Diesel Rs 93.73 per litre, Nashik Petrol Rs 106.77 and Diesel Rs 93.27 per litre, Latur Petrol Rs 107.38 and Diesel Rs 93.87 per litre, Kolhapur Petrol Rs 106.55 and Diesel Rs 93.08 per litre, Pune Petrol Rs 105.96 per liter Petrol price in Solapur is Rs 106.20 per liter and diesel is Rs 92.48 per liter while diesel is Rs 92.74 per liter.

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