Thoughts: These 10 precious thoughts of Rumi will fill your life with peace

When everyone’s heart is sad, even a lonely bird in the sky fills the heart with hope. Similarly, reading good, brilliant things written by someone in the morning fills the mind with enthusiasm. Today we bring you 10 quotes of Maulana Muhammad Jalaluddin Rumi. He was an important writer in Persian literature. He carried forward the tradition of dancing sadhus in the Sufi tradition. Rumi was originally from Afghanistan. He spent his life at the Saljuk court in central Turkey and composed several important texts. Rumi’s sayings, in the form of his quotations, are famous all over the world.

The only person who can change your life is you.
2-Extend your words not the sound! It is the rain of the clouds that makes the flowers grow, not their thunder.
Only the words that come out of the heart enter the heart.
Why would you want to crawl your whole life when you were born to fly?
5 – Yesterday I was smart, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wiser, so I am changing myself.
6- When you are going through a phase of struggle, when everyone starts opposing you, when you think you can’t last a minute, never give up! Because this is the time and place when your good times will begin.
7-People in this world don’t put themselves first, so they blame each other.
Love automatically finds its way through all languages.
Lovers do not meet in the end, they are always absorbed into each other.
10- Only words that come out of the heart enter the heart.

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