Thoughts: How to think to be successful and great, read 10 precious words of great men

Tip: It is said that “whatever you do, you regret later”. It means that one who does not think anything before doing something has to regret it later. But what should the thoughts be? How important is thought? In ‘Today’s Thoughts’ we have brought 10 precious words spoken by great men.

Great thoughts become great work when they are realized.William Hazlitt

Don’t hide your thoughts that are too shy to express. It is more shameful to think about them. Mahatma Gandhi

Thoughts that are truly noble have been thought a thousand times, but to make them truly ours, we must all go over them honestly until they are established in our hearts by personal experience.Gote

Think today, speak tomorrow. Bam

Action is great, but it comes from thought. So fill your mind with high thoughts and ideals, great works will be born from it.Swami Vivekananda

Any man’s life is shaped by his thoughts.Marcus Aurelius

Learning without thinking is labor wasted, thinking without learning is terrible.Confucius

A man becomes what he thinks in his mind. sweat marden

Only fools and dead – these two never change their minds.Lobel

True life is only in pursuit of beauty. Everything else is just waiting.– Khalil Gibran

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