The demand for gold on the occasion of Dussehra is one and a half times more than last year. Purchase of more than 50 kg of gold in Jalgaon

Mumbai, Jalgaon On the eve of Dussehra, almost two years after the end of the corona epidemic, there was enthusiasm among consumers about the purchase of gold across the state. Metropolitan Mumbai saw a 20 per cent increase in jewelery purchases over the previous year, while Jalgaon, known as the city of gold, saw a nearly 1.5-fold increase in demand for the precious metals.

Gold and silver prices have been fluctuating for a few days now. Last week, the price of gold was below 51 thousand per tola, while the price of silver was between 57 and 58 thousand per kg. In the last 10 days, gold rose by Rs 2,000 per tola, while silver rose by Rs 3,700 per kg. On the occasion of Dussehra, the price of 24 carat pure gold became 52 thousand per tola, while the price of pure silver became 62 thousand per kg. In view of this, 14 carat and 18 carat gold has attracted the youth in the Mumbai-Pune bullion market.

Along with the purchase of gold, the demand for the purchase of diamonds has also increased. There is a special demand for chains, designer necklaces, designer bangles among the youth.

The gold market of Jalgaon is famous all over the country. Many buyers of gold from Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, South India visit Jalgaon regularly because of the purity of gold here and the credibility of the transaction.

Goldsmiths said that this year there has been a smooth response to the purchase of gold from Pitru Paksha. It is estimated that 50 kg of gold has been sold during Dussehra. Last year, 35 kg of gold was sold in the district on Vijayadashami.

Various attractive ornaments are available on the occasion of Dussehra including Tushi, Chandanhar, Shahihar, Temple Jewellery, Ranihar, Chinchpeti, Kolhapuri Saaj, Bormal, Putli Haar, Putli Chapla Haar, Chandanhar, Shahihar, Kolhapuri Saaj, Bormal. Buying gold got good response from customers.

– Kapil Khonde, Khonde Jewelers, Jalgaon

Though rates have gone up by 4 per cent in the last week, it has not affected the buying of gold and diamond jewellery. Since there has been no drought or unseasonal rains this year, the demand from rural areas is also good this year. Till last year, small jewelery of light weight i.e. rings, earrings were bought more. But this year the demand for big and heavy jewelery is high.

Amit Modak, Chief Executive Officer, PNG & Sons

This year, 22 carat gold, which is below 49 thousand on Dussehra, will be a major contributor to consumer purchases. As a result, the trend of consumers who earlier opted for 50 gm necklaces has now shifted to 100 gm necklaces. In Diamond Jewelery also, people bought jewelery almost twice as compared to last year. Overall business has increased by 30 percent as compared to last year.

Saurabh Gadgil, Chairman and Managing Director, PNG Jewelers

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