Tata will own Bisleri, 30 years old company will be sold for 7000 crores

News Desk: About 30 years old international soft drink company Bisleri is going to sell. Tata Group (Tata) Thums Up, Gold Spot, Limca to buy soft drink maker Bisleri. The deal between Bisleri International and Tata Consumer Products Limited (TCPL) is expected to be between Rs 6,000 and Rs 7,000 crore. According to reports, talks are going on between the two companies for the last two years regarding this deal.

Please tell that Bisleri was started in 1984 by Jayantilal Chauhan. Presently the chairman of the company is Ramesh J Chauhan and he is 82 years old. He says he has no successor to take Bisleri to the next level. He said that the daughter is not much interested in business. Let us tell you that Bisleri is the largest packaged water company in the country.

The Bisleri chairman said he hoped the Tata group would expand further in the future. So they have decided to sell it to Tata Group. Apart from this, several groups were also interested in buying it, he said.

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