Tata: Simple payback for an insult.. Ratan Tata taught the Ford boss a lasting lesson through action..

Tata: Ratan Tata’s response to the insult of Ford owner ..

Tata: Simple return to humiliation.. Ratan Tata taught Ford owner a lasting lesson through action..

Ratan Tata responded in action

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New Delhi: Ratan Tata in front of the big entrepreneurs of India, young, old, everyone. (Ratan Tata) This is his ideal. People trust the Tata brand. in the industrial world (Business) His work dominates. But that doesn’t mean that Tata never faced humiliation. There were insults in his life, but he avenged these insults. (revenge) Took it, he set an example with the answer given through action.

big entrepreneurs in india RPG Harsh Goenka, Enterprise Director (Harsh Goenka) A video has been shared from his Twitter handle. Ratan Tata in (Ratan Tata) from ford company (Ford Company) Information has been given on how to avenge the insult.

So here it is, from the year 1990. At that time Tata Motors decided to sell its car manufacturing division. For this, discussions were going on with his Ford company. During the discussion the owner of Ford insulted him.

After this incident, Ratan Tata avoided the decision of selling his car manufacturing unit. He further taught Ford, the world’s most luxury car maker, a lasting lesson. His inspiring story..

In the year 1990, the Tata company launched the Tata Indica four wheeler in the market. But it failed to shine in the market. Tata then decided to sell off the car division.

In 1999, in connection with this sale, he became the chairman of Ford Motors. bill ford Started a discussion with him. But it was here that the Tata group made a big leap in car sales. Tata easily repaid Ford’s humiliation here within a few years.

“You have no idea. Why did you start the passenger car division? If this deal goes through, it will be a great boon for the Tata group.”

There was no immediate reaction from Tata. But he canceled the decision to sell the car division. Tata Motors It made the biggest jump in sales in 2008, just 9 years after the event.

While Tata Motors is creating history in sales, Ford’s position has deteriorated. It is said ‘time is very powerful’. Ford by Tata A type of animal And land Rover Offered to buy this brand.

“You A type of animal And land Rover Thank you very much for buying. You have done us a great favor. The owner of Ford made the announcement after the deal was done.

Ford himself came to Mumbai with his entire team to meet Tata for the deal. Tata avenged the insult. This video has given air to the discussion again. Tata’s response to Ford’s action has been a role model for all.

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