Tell me, which is the most expensive vegetable in the world? How much will it cost? guess?

सांगा जगातली सर्वात महागडी भाजी कोणती? किती रुपयांना असेल? अंदाज?

A vegetable which is very popular in European countries and is known as the most expensive vegetable in the world. world’s most expensive vegetable Image Credit Source: Social Media If you go to the market to buy vegetables, then you buy expensive vegetables up to Rs.100 or Rs.200 per kg. If there is … Read more

Dress code will be implemented in Madrasas, NCERT book will be there, Kurta Pajama will be closed!

मदरशांमध्ये ड्रेस कोड लागू होणार, NCERT ची पुस्तक असणार, कुर्ता पायजमा होणार बंद!

From next year, the dress code will be implemented in all 103 madrasas under the jurisdiction of the Waqf Board in the state. seminary Image Credit Source: Social Media New steps are being taken soon in the direction of modernization of madrassas in Uttarakhand. Here the dress code is being implemented for the … Read more

How is your dream toilet? Officials order, “selfie with toilet” initiative hotly debated

कसं आहे तुमच्या स्वप्नातलं शौचालय? अधिकाऱ्यांकडून आदेश, सेल्फी विथ टॉयलेट उपक्रमाची जोरदार चर्चा

This matter has come to the fore in Maharashtra’s Nashik district, where an education officer has asked students of all government schools to participate in a ‘selfie with toilet’ contest. selfie with toilet Image Credit Source: Who doesn’t like taking selfies? In the era of social media, everyone uses a good phone … Read more

Child sells peanuts when school is over, stopped thinking about the world! Hear Vinisha’s story of hard work and dedication

शाळा सुटली की पोर शेंगदाणे विकते, जगाचा विचार करणं सोडून दिलं! ऐका कष्टाची, चिकाटीची विनिशाची कहाणी

She tries her best to be honest how passersby make fun of her. But she takes pride in earning her income and learning from the experience. 12th class student Vinisha Kerala Image Credit Source: Social Media Education has become expensive these days. Expensive because now the cost of school fees, tuition, books, textbooks … Read more

Why is there an “X” mark on the back of the last compartment of the train? Do you know?

रेल्वेच्या शेवटच्या डब्यामागे X मार्क असतं, का असतं ते? माहितेय?

As per the rules of Indian Railways, it is mandatory for every passenger train to have this “X” sign on the back of the last coach. train x sign Image Credit Source: Social Media Millions of people travel by train every day. You see a lot of things when you walk to a … Read more

IAS IPS Exam: IAS in just 1 year of preparation and at the age of 22, is this the secret?

IAS IPS Exam: IAS in just 1 year of preparation and at the age of 22, is this the secret?

marathi news » Photo gallery ” Ananya Singh became an IAS officer at the age of 22 after just one year of preparation, she got success in the first attempt itself Ananya says that the time before pre and mains exam is very tough and it is necessary to work hard during this time. October … Read more

Why do you ask to put the phone on flight mode on a plane? , Why does the phone have to be kept on the flight in flight, what is the reason?

Airplane Color: विमानाचा रंग पांढराच का असतो? सफेदी की चमकान क्यू? कधीही लक्षात न आलेल्या प्रश्नाचं उत्तर

An announcement is made inside the plane. All passengers are required to put their mobile phones in flight mode before taking off. plane Image Credit Source: Social Media While traveling in an airplane, you must have often heard that you are asked to put the mobile phone on flight mode before the flight … Read more

Donkey milk: One quits his IT job and starts a donkey farm, why is donkey milk so important? , Why donkey’s milk is so expensive how can people leave their IT jobs to afford this business?

Donkey Milk: IT ची नोकरी सोडून एकाने डॉंकी फार्म सुरु केलं, गाढविणीच्या दुधाला इतकं महत्त्व का?

Recently, a 42-year-old man quit his IT job in a software company and started a donkey farm in a village in Dakshina Kannada district. donkey’s milk Image Credit Source: Social Media Donkey’s milk may sound new to you, but it has been around for thousands of years. This milk has recently gained popularity, … Read more

Passport: Only 3 people in the world who don’t need a passport, 3 people! Isn’t that interesting? , Who are the 3 people of the world who can roam anywhere without a passport

Passport: फक्त 3 लोकं ज्यांना पासपोर्टची गरजच नाही, जगात 3! आहे ना इंटरेस्टींग?

It would be surprising because there are only 3 such people in the world. in the world! That passport contains all the things that represent who we are and where we belong. passport interesting facts Image Credit Source: Social Media If you want to go to another country, check your passport first. If … Read more

The list of top MBA colleges in the world has been announced by QS Ranking! Top 10 MBA Colleges in India | Top MBA Colleges in India QS Ranking announced the list of top MBA colleges in the world

QS Ranking कडून जगातल्या टॉप MBA College ची यादी जाहीर! भारतातील Top 10 MBA College

How many colleges in India are in this ranking list? Which college is it? Every year we have many students who are eager to do MBA. Top 10 MBA Colleges India Image Credit Source: Social Media The QS ranking is the best ranking in the world. Under this the ranking of universities is … Read more