Hindenburg effect: Sade sati doesn’t end! Pit of 9 lakh crores within a week, when will the downfall of Adani Group stop? Hindenburg Effect Rs 9 Lakh Crore Mcap Gaya What Next For Adani Group Shares, Know Expert View And Details

Hindenburg Effect : साडेसाती संपेना! आठवड्यातच 9 लाख कोटींचा खड्डा, अदानी समूहाची पडझड थांबणार तरी कधी?

Hindenburg effect: After the Hindenburg cannonball, the Adani group has a ball in its stomach. Investors are upset seeing the decline in their shares, so when will this decline stop? When will it end at half past seven? New Delhi : nervous gautam adani (Gautam Adani) and Adani Group (Adani Group) The news of Hadare … Read more

Stock Market: Opportunity for profit in the market or loss due to recession.. Know the forecast of the market..

Share Market : बाजारात फायद्याची संधी की मंदीने होणार नुकसान..जाणून घ्या बाजाराचा अंदाज..

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Stocks: बाजारात हे तीन प्लेयर करणार धमाल, तुम्ही होणार मालामाल

Stocks: There is a downturn in the stock market, these stocks can be a game changer. These stocks will rock the market Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : on the stock market (Share Market) of global recession (bearish) Slow is the stock market is constantly going up and down. Foreign investors … Read more

Mutual Fund Investments: ‘NFOs’ flood the market; Know what to keep in mind before investing in a new fund? , Know what to keep in mind before investing in NFO

Share market : 'या' बँकेच्या शेअर्समुळे गुंतवणूकदार मालामाल, गेल्या वीस वर्षांत दिला तब्बल 745 पट रिटर्न

Mutual fund companies have been banned from bringing NFOs for three months. The market has been flooded with NFOs since the ban ended on July 1. Let us know what are the things to keep in mind before investing in NFO? representative photo Three months NFO on mutual fund companies (NFO) was banned. … Read more

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Net Worth: Know how much wealth Jhunjhunwala, who started his business with just 5 thousand rupees, has? , Know the real wealth of Jhunjhunwala who started with just Rs 5 thousand

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is survived by his wife Rekha Jhunjhunwala, daughter Nisha Jhunjhunwala son Aryaman Jhunjhunwala and another daughter Aryaveer Jhunjhunwala. He started the business with just five thousand rupees. Mumbai: Indian stock market (Share Market) Rakesh Jhunjhunwala popularly known as Big Bull (Rakesh Jhunjhunwala) has passed. He was born on 5 July 1960 … Read more

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Share Market Image Credit Source: tv9 Nifty fell 2 per cent in April, 2.6 per cent in May and 4.7 per cent in June. Now economists and corporates are waiting for the recovery of the economy on the expectation of monsoon. Mumbai: of foreign investors (foreign investors) share (shares) The sell-off has bitten … Read more