LIC Adani: Let’s fix! LIC woke up, took this decision – Adani vs Hindenburg Research LIC did not sell any shares of Adani Group in the current selloff

LIC Adani : देर आये दुरुस्त आये! एलआयसीला आली जाग, घेतला हा निर्णय

LIC Adani: After becoming such a hot topic in the world, LIC’s silence policy has been criticized because investors are nervous. Now LIC is on alert mode. now take a look New Delhi : by Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) At present, no concrete decision has been taken regarding investment in Gautam Adani’s group. … Read more

Shares: These shares can perform well in the new year, this strategy can be beneficial

Share : नवीन वर्षात हे शेअर्स करु शकतात मालामाल, ही रणनीती ठरु शकते फायद्याची

Shares: These shares will be beneficial for you in the new year. ceiling income Image Credit Source: Social Media new Delhi : investing in the new year (Investment) If the resolution is left then in the stock market (Share Market) You can also try your luck. In 2022, all the factors affected the stock market. … Read more

Stock Market: The stock market shook again, the index fell by almost 900 points, this slippery path of Nifty

Stock Market : शेअर बाजाराला पुन्हा हादरे, निर्देशांकाची जवळपास 900 अंकांची घसरगुंडी, निफ्टीची ही निसरडी पायवाट

Stock Market: The fall in the stock market due to the slippery path .. market crash Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : on the stock market (Share Market) The negativity had a big impact. As the market bombarded investors today (investor) Water came in the mouth. The market started with profit booking on … Read more

Share : Earn money by lending shares, don’t you believe? Interest will be earned on the shares lying in the portfolio.

Share : शेअर उधार देऊन करा कमाई, विश्वास नाही? पोर्टफोलिओत पडून असलेल्या शेअरवर असे मिळेल व्याज..

Shares: Earning even by lending shares, any scheme .. income on loan Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : in the stock market (Share Market) Now traditional investors also invest (investor) Coming forward However, their entry into the market has been disappointing due to lack of adequate information and proper guidance. They … Read more

Multibagger Stock: This stock rained money, 1 lakh became 65 lakh..

Multibagger Stock : या शेअरने पाडला पैशांचा पाऊस, एक लाखांचे झाले 65 लाख..

Multibagger Stock: These stocks gave investors tremendous earnings in four years this stock made a lot of money Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : Currently in the Indian stock market (Share Market) Strong effects of fluctuations are being seen. by foreign investors (FII) There is an atmosphere of enthusiasm in the … Read more

Share: Rakesh Jhunjhunwala became rich by investing in this share, India’s Warren Buffet made portfolio

Share : या शेअरमधील गुंतवणुकीने राकेश झुनझुनवाला झाले श्रीमंत, असा तयार केला भारताच्या वॉरेन बफेट यांनी पोर्टफोलिओ..

Share: What is the secret of success of Warren Buffett, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala of India.. Big Bull’s portfolio Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : Warren Buffett in the Indian stock market (Warren Buffett) Rakesh Jhunjhunwala (Rakesh Jhunjhunwala) always because of their portfolio (portfolio) Be in discussion. what shares do they buy (buy … Read more

Your-Hamara Badshah Masala… Big decision of the company, now the owner of ‘this’ brand!

तुमचा-आमचा बादशाह मसाला... कंपनीचा मोठा निर्णय, आता

According to the current deal between the two companies, the total value of Badshah Spice Company is Rs 1,152 crore. Now the company has made an announcement. Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi: Badshah masala used in your-our house (Badshah MasalaThis spice maker company has taken a big decision. The company has … Read more

Government Companies | There will also be profit in the shares of government companies, invest in time.. | Shares of government companies will perform well, need for timely investment

Government Companies

Government Companies | It is a common misconception that shares of public sector companies do not give good returns. If you look at the figures, it will be known that the shares of these companies are giving good returns. Let’s know the information about it.. profitable investment in government companies Image Credit Source: … Read more