RBI: This decision of the Reserve Bank will cost you dearly. To control inflation, the Reserve Bank will increase interest rates for the fourth time in a row, loans will be expensive.

RBI : रिझर्व्ह बँकेचा हा निर्णय तुम्हाला पडणार महागात..ऐन सणासुदीत खिश्यावर येणार ताण..

RBI: RBI is going to take another big decision in the coming week. In such a situation, there is a fear of burden again on the pocket of the common man. burden on the pocket Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : reserve Bank of India (RBI) inflation (inflation) Though there is … Read more

RBI | The happiness of the dearness festival will also be green.. difficult times for Indians.. | Reuters survey, RBI may again increase EMI for home auto and personal loans


RBI | There is a picture that the happiness of Mahagai festival will also be green. A survey has claimed that a move by the Reserve Bank will reduce the pockets of Indians. now it will hit Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : Certainly this news is not good for the … Read more

Rupee Bank License Case: Big relief from Bombay High Court on the same day that Rupee Bank was banned forever Bombay High Court stays RBI’s order to cancel 110 years old bank license till 17 October 2022 SCG 91

Rupee Bank

The Bombay High Court has given a major relief on the same day that the Rupiah Co-operative Bank, which is facing losses due to violation of rules and financial irregularities, will be banned forever. The Bombay High Court has stayed the order of the Reserve Bank of India dated August 8, 2022. In this sequence, … Read more

depositor | Bank fails, then how much compensation will be given.. what is the rule.. | RBI has now canceled the license of bank depositors, can claim up to five lakhs


depositor | If a bank goes bankrupt, how much does the account holder get? so much money Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : If a bank fails, it becomes insolvent. by Reserve Bank of India (Reserve Bank of India) Smt.king license (Banking License) How much amount does the account holder get … Read more

the cost of dollar reserves to save the rupee; Last July sales hit $19 billion, highest since March

rbi net sold 19 billion dollars in forex market

Mumbai It is seen that in the month of July, about US $ 19.05 billion was spent by the Reserve Bank to check the depreciation of the rupee. Currencies in various countries have come under pressure due to global adversity and the rupee has depreciated 6.8 per cent against the dollar so far this year. … Read more

Bank | This is the last tribute to you.. from tomorrow this hundred years old bank will be closed forever.. | RBI canceled the license services of Rupee Co-Operative Bank from September 22


RBI Rupee Bank | The bank will remain closed tomorrow as the Reserve Bank of India has canceled its banking license. A century-old emotional relationship is finally coming to an end. stop tomorrow forever Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : by Reserve Bank of India (reserve Bank of India) banking license … Read more

Central bank exempted from ‘PCA’ restrictions

rbi removes central bank from pca curbs

Mumbai The Reserve Bank on Tuesday announced that it is exempting state-owned Central Bank of India from the ‘Prompt Corrective Action (PCA)’ framework. The RBI has taken this step after the bank gave a written assurance of satisfactory performance on various fronts and adherence to the minimum capital adequacy norms. In June 2017, the Reserve … Read more

Rs 42,000 crore bailout to enhance interest to small enterprises; Another interest rate hike by RBI is inevitable

10 lakh crore loan waived in five years

Reserve Bank of India has increased the repo rate by 140 basis points since May in order to rein in the alarming inflation. Along with the increase in the repo rate, banks have also increased the interest rates on loans, resulting in an increase in the interest cost of micro, small and medium (MSME) enterprises … Read more

Illegal Loan App | Companies will be robbed in the name of debt, will be cheated, RBI’s plan ready.. | Now RBI’s plan will soon curb fake digital loan app

Illegal Loan App

Illegal Loan App | Illegal lending apps have become rampant in India. The business of robbing customers is going on in full swing. The central bank has drawn up a plan to accommodate them. Quick action on fake borrower app Image Credit Source: Social Media Illegal Loan App | online fraud (online fraud) … Read more