Dividend: This company is giving more than the interest of the bank, investors got a strong lottery

Dividend : बँकेच्या व्याजापेक्षा जास्त लाभांश देत आहे ही कंपनी, गुंतवणूकदारांना लागली जोरदार लॉटरी..

Dividend: This company has given wealth to the investors. declaration of dividend Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : in the mining sector (mining area) The investors of this company have won the lottery. This company gives strong dividend to the investors (Dividend) has been declared. The company has declared a dividend … Read more

FD: Increase in interest rate on fixed deposits soon, due to which banks will have to give more returns

FD : मुदत ठेवीवरील व्याजदरात लवकरच वाढ, या कारणांमुळे बँकांना द्यावा लागणार अधिकचा परतावा

FD: Interest rates on fixed deposits are likely to increase soon. What are the reasons behind this.. good return on fixed deposit Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : Fixed deposit (Fixed deposit) There is good news for the citizens investing in the scheme. Soon more interest rate in this scheme (Rate … Read more

EPFO: PF account holders are waiting for the result, will get interest amount, checked account?

EPFO : PF खातेदारांची बल्ले बल्ले, प्रतिक्षा फळाला, व्याजाची रक्कम मिळणार, खाते तपासले का?

EPFO: The wait for PF account holders is over. interest amount will come Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : For 7 crore PF holders across the country (PF account holder) At last the good news came. interest rate on pf account (Rate of interest) The interest was pending since the announcement. … Read more

Loan: Then the loan will be expensive? Banks and consumers are now focusing on the RBI meeting.

Loan : कर्ज पुन्हा महागणार? RBI च्या बैठकीकडे आता बँकांसह ग्राहकांचेही लक्ष..

Loan: Will the loan become expensive again? What will be decided in the RBI meeting… Will the repo rate increase? Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : RBI next week (RBI) credit policy committee(Monetary Policy Committee) The meeting is taking place. Now not only banks but customers are also paying attention to … Read more

HDFC: Increase in interest rates on RD so much, HDFC sweetened in the festive season ..

HDFC : RD वर इतके वाढवले व्याजदर, HDFC ने सणाच्या सिझनमध्ये वाढवला गोडवा..

HDFC: Investing in Recurring Deposit Scheme will now be more profitable.. increase in interest rates Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : by HDFC Bank (HDFC bank) on fixed deposit (FD)After hike in interest rate on recurring deposit scheme (RD) An increase in interest rates has been announced. So you will not … Read more

FD: Have you seen this bank’s offer of free insurance of so many lakhs with interest on fixed deposits?

FD : मुदत ठेवीवर व्याजासोबतच इतक्या लाखांचा विमाही फ्री, या बँकेची ऑफर पाहिलीत का?

FD: Now this bank is giving fixed deposit as well as free insurance .. get interest free insurance Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : fixed deposit scheme (Fixed Deposit Scheme) It is a common investment as it is low risk (Investment) But in the era of competition, banks have also taken … Read more

Small Savings: Central Government’s Diwali gift to small savings investors, what has changed? Small Savings What has changed as a Diwali gift to the small savings investors of the Central Government

Small Savings : अल्पबचत गुंतवणूकदारांना केंद्र सरकारचे दिवाळी गिफ्ट, काय केला बदल

Small Savings: The Central Government has already given a gift to the investors of small savings schemes before Diwali, but let’s see what is this gift.. Good news for small savings investors Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : Small Savings Schemes by Central Government (Small Savings Scheme) for investors (investor) Great … Read more

RBI: This decision of the Reserve Bank will cost you dearly. To control inflation, the Reserve Bank will increase interest rates for the fourth time in a row, loans will be expensive.

RBI : रिझर्व्ह बँकेचा हा निर्णय तुम्हाला पडणार महागात..ऐन सणासुदीत खिश्यावर येणार ताण..

RBI: RBI is going to take another big decision in the coming week. In such a situation, there is a fear of burden again on the pocket of the common man. burden on the pocket Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : reserve Bank of India (RBI) inflation (inflation) Though there is … Read more

plan | Thousands saved in post office scheme, doubled in 10 years.. | Know the features of Post Office Savings Scheme Kisan Vikas Patra interest rate


plan | A savings of Rs 1,000 in a post account scheme can make you rich in ten years. Investment in the scheme is also considered safe. double the amount in this account Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : of post account (Post Office) small savings scheme (Small Savings Scheme) are … Read more

SBI | Scissors in customers’ pockets, EMI will increase.. SBI hikes interest rates. EMI will increase from scissors till the pockets of customers, SBI increases interest rates


SBI | The country’s third largest bank and the largest public sector bank SBI has shocked its customers. The bank has increased the base rate. So the EMI is going to increase. increase in interest rates Image Credit Source: Social Media SBI | State Bank of India is the third largest bank in … Read more