Stock Market: Big change in the stock market! Now no need to wait for proper funding What is T+ 1 – Indian stock market will shift to a shorter trading cycle T+1 settlement on Jan 27, 2023

Stock Market: Another major change is taking place in the Indian stock market, it will definitely benefit. New Delhi : Indian equity market (equity market) There is an important update for investors on 27 January 2023. stock market today (Share Market) Big change is happening. Investors deposit their settlement amount in the account once the … Read more

Check Bounce Rules: Attention! check bounce rules in india government can bring new rules regarding check bounce cases to know all details about check

Check bounce rules: Stricter rules now can be overwhelming in cases of check dishonor. New Delhi : bank account (Bank Account) The customer gets many facilities while opening. them debit card (Debit Card)Credit Card (Credit Card)Cheque Book(Cheque Book) Such facilities are available. If you are paying by cheque, be careful now. In case of dishonor … Read more

Insurance Claim: Quick settlement of insurance claim, IRDAI implements new rule – Irdai News Insurance claim process speeded up after KYC rule

Insurance Claims: Insurance claims can now be settled instantly. New Delhi : earlier this year with an insurance policy (insurance policy) An important rule has been implemented in this connection. According to this rule, now it is mandatory for people to get KYC done while taking a new insurance policy. by Insurance Regulatory and Development … Read more

Aadhaar Update: Aadhaar address will not change without the permission of this person in the family, special rules have come to update Aadhaar

Aadhaar Update : घरातील या व्यक्तीच्या परवानगीशिवाय आधारच्या पत्त्यात होणार नाही बदल, आधार अपडेट करण्यासाठी आला खास नियम

Aadhaar Update: This person’s permission will be needed to update Aadhaar. then the address will change Image Credit Source: Social Media new Delhi : in aadhar card (Aadhar Card Update) Now the address of the head of the household has to be updated (head of the family) Permission required. Online address can be updated only … Read more

Change in rules: Domestic gas, PNG, CNG prices will change in the new year, these cars will be costlier, first day will get shock of price hike – tomorrow 1 January PNG CNG Maruti Hyundai Kia car price will increase tomorrow Check Latest Rate

Rule Changes : नवीन वर्षात घरगुती गॅस, पीएनजी, सीएनजीचे बदलतील भाव, महाग होतील या कार, पहिल्याच दिवशी बसेल का दरवाढीचा शॉक

Change in rules: In the new year, there is a possibility of a big blow to the customer. Inflation shock? Image Credit Source: Social Media new Delhi : From tomorrow, not only the pages of the calendar will be turned, but the year itself will change. You are likely to be in for a shock … Read more

Bank Locker: 100 times compensation directly! New rules of bank locker effective from January 1, 2023, new guidelines of RBI for customers

Bank Locker : सरळ 100 पट भरपाई! लॉकरमधून गायब झाले सोने तर बँकेच्या पळेल तोंडचे पाणी

Bank Locker: This rule regarding bank locker is going to come in the favor of the customer. Consumers benefit from these rules Image Credit Source: Social Media new Delhi : Regarding bank locker from January 1, 2023 in the new year (Bank Locker Rules) The rules are about to change. Keep your valuables, jewellery, important … Read more

New rules: New rules of GST including credit card, bank locker, what else will change in the new year ..

New Rules : क्रेडिट कार्ड, बँक लॉकरसह जीएसटीसाठी नवीन नियम लागू, नवीन वर्षात अजून काय काय होईल बदल..

New rules This rule will change in the new year. it will change Image Credit Source: Social Media new Delhi : by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regarding lockers (locker) New instructions have been given. This rule will come into force from 1 January 2023. According to these new rules, now banks will not be … Read more

E-Commerce: E-commerce companies will soon be controlled, Amazon, Flipkart and other tech companies will be controlled, what is the central government’s plan?

E-Commerce : ई-कॉमर्स कंपन्यांवर लवकरच लगाम, अॅमेझॉन, फ्लिपकार्टसह इतर टेक कंपन्यांच्या मनमानीवर येणार नियंत्रण, काय आहे केंद्र सरकारचा प्लॅन?

E-Commerce: The central government is preparing to crack down on e-commerce companies soon. new law coming soon Image Credit Source: Social Media new Delhi : Corona in India (Corona) Startups in wave too (start up) The wave came Accordingly, India is gradually becoming a digital economy. so amazon (Amazon)Flipkart (Flipkart)Zomato, Swiggy, Ola, Uber and many … Read more

New rules: Scissors on pocket again this month, possibility of increasing interest rate of banks, balance alert will be closed, this change will come in December ..

New Rules : या महिन्यात पुन्हा खिशाला कात्री, बँकांच्या व्याजदरात वाढीची शक्यता, बॅलन्स अलर्ट होईल बंद, डिसेंबरमध्ये येईल हा बदल..

The new rules may hit the pockets of bank depositors this month. it will change Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : In the bank’s policy in the last month of this year, December (Bank Policy) Many changes are happening. There will be a change regarding money this month. These changes will … Read more