Who will give shoulder after death? Here you will find 4 shoulders, tirdi, barber… just talk, new start-up… all the facilities of ‘reach’! Starting from which city?

मेल्यानंतर खांदा कोण देणार? इथं मिळतील 4 खांदे, तिरडी, न्हावी... फक्त बोला, नवं स्टार्टअप..

The name of this company is Sukhant Funeral Management. All the facilities offered by the company have been displayed in the trade fair. Image Credit Source: MoneyMattere.com New Delhi: It is not possible to enter the market with any facility just to start the business. for where you do business (Businessgoing to do, … Read more

Mumbai Milk Price Hike: Another Inflation Blow For Mumbaikars; Additional milk will cost Rs 7 Fresh milk price hiked by Rs 7 in Mumbai

While inflation has broken the back of common people, now Mumbaikars are facing another blow of inflation. This means that the price of free milk (milk price increase) will increase. The price of free milk will be increased by Rs 7 per liter. Mumbai : Inflation in the country at present (inflation) is … Read more

Home Loan: If you are buying a home in Mumbai, here are some things to consider; Along with home loans, home prices also rose; RBI hike in repo rate | Pune reports increase in residential property prices in Mumbai

Where prices have increased by 9 percent and 8 percent compared to the same quarter last year. Prices increased by 8 percent in Kolkata, 4 percent in Bangalore and 1 percent in the Mumbai metropolitan area. Property prices in Pune have increased by 5 percent. Mumbai: from the Reserve Bank (reserve Bank of … Read more

CNG Price Reduction: Good News! The cost of CNG is Rs. The price of PNG per kg is Rs. per kg reduction | Maharashtra Mumbai Pune CNG and PNG Price Reduction Per Kg

The price of milk has increased by Rs. These new rates will be applicable from today. But now the gas prices have been reduced. Mumbai : At this time, there is a havoc of inflation everywhere, the prices of essential commodities are increasing day by day. Milk prices have increased by Rs. These … Read more

Mukesh Ambani: Threats to kill Mukesh Ambani and family, police started investigation Mumbai Mukesh Ambani and family threatened to kill him by phone call

There have been threats to kill Mukesh Ambani and his family. There is a preliminary guess that the caller is a mental patient… Mumbai : famous industrialist mukesh ambani (Mukesh Ambani) And the family has been threatened with death. It is being told that four to five calls have been received. It is … Read more

Mumbai CNG Rate: CNG rate continues to rise, CNG cost Rs 6 Mumbai CNG rate CNG rate continues to rise CNG becomes costlier by Rs 6

Mumbai CNG Rate : सीएनजीच्या दरात वाढ सुरूच, सीएनजी 6 रुपयांनी महागला

There has been an increase in the CNG rate and PNG rate in Mumbai. The price of CNAG has been increased by Rs 6 per kg and that of PNG by Rs 4 per kg. Image Credit Source: Social Media Mumbai: Due to inflation (inflation) has broken the back of the common man. … Read more

Domino’s Pizza: Domino’s Jerk! Stop delivering from Swiggy, Zomato? This is because | No Domino’s Pizza on Swiggy Zomato

Online delivery apps are in great demand these days and many people prefer to order food and drink through them. Swiggy, Zomato are the important and popular names among them. However, famous pizza franchise Domino’s Pizza has decided to stop providing food delivery through Swiggy, Zomato. So in next few days you will get … Read more

Vegetable rate: Tension increased due to rain, vegetables are bitter, housewives’ budget dropped, high price of common vegetables spoiled the budget of Mumbai’s homes

Vegetable Rate : पावसानं वाढवलं टेन्शन, भाज्या कडाडल्या, गृहिणींचं बजेट कोलमडलं

vegetables are bitter Image Credit Source: Social Media Price news of mango vegetables: Late rain gave a big blow. After that, water conditions became scarce and this affected the daily necessities of life. Vegetable prices rise Vegetable price hike news heavy rain in the month of june (rainy season) This month gave a … Read more

Raiskaran Tech Park: The skyscraper of Raiskaran Park; Awarded LEED Platinum Certificate of Reputation | Mumbai-based Raiskaran Tech Park receives coveted LEED Platinum certification

Raiaskaran Tech Park: रायसकरन पार्कची गगनचुंबी भरारी; प्रतिष्ठेच्या LEED प्लॅटिनम प्रमाणपत्राने सन्मानित

Raiskaran Park skyscraper; Awarded LEED Platinum Certificate of Reputation Image Credit Source: tv9 marathi Raiskaran Tech Park: GBCI is the authority for the best sustainable design, construction and operation of green buildings in India. Mumbai: Raiskaran is a real estate agent who guarantees the luxury of living through art (real estate) is India’s … Read more