LIC Adani: Let’s fix! LIC woke up, took this decision – Adani vs Hindenburg Research LIC did not sell any shares of Adani Group in the current selloff

LIC Adani : देर आये दुरुस्त आये! एलआयसीला आली जाग, घेतला हा निर्णय

LIC Adani: After becoming such a hot topic in the world, LIC’s silence policy has been criticized because investors are nervous. Now LIC is on alert mode. now take a look New Delhi : by Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) At present, no concrete decision has been taken regarding investment in Gautam Adani’s group. … Read more

LIC invested in Adani and 36 other companies but fell over 20 per cent in six months

LIC holds 9 per cent stake in Adani’s five companies. But not only Adani Group, LIC has investments in a total of 36 companies. Mumbai: Hurricane named Hindenburg comes from America and in India by Gautam Adani (Gautam Adani) The whole empire shakes. From the Parliament to the stock market, only Adani is being discussed. … Read more

Double hit to LIC, first Adani down after budget – Why LIC share rates down after budget

LIC has invested in five Adani Group companies. It has a share of 1 to 9 percent. LIC has been shocked by the fall in the shares of Adani Group. New Delhi : India’s largest life insurance company LIC (LIC) is facing crisis for the second time in a week. Four days ago, a Hindenburg … Read more

LIC Jeevan Shanti Policy: Tension is over! LIC Jeevan Shanti Policy Retirement Plan Plan Invest to Get Pension Every Month Financial Plan

LIC Jeevan Shanti Policy: Investors will benefit greatly from this scheme of LIC. New Delhi : In LIC’s new Jeevan Shanti plan (LIC New Jeevan Shanti Policy) Investments will take care of your life after retirement. Pension to investors at a young age (pension) Diksha will cover his medical and other expenses. In this scheme … Read more

Pension scheme: 72 thousand rupees per year will be available in this scheme, apply quickly, it will be beneficial

Pension Scheme : या योजनेत वर्षाला मिळतील 72 हजार रुपये, पटकन करा अर्ज, होईल फायदा

Pension Scheme: This scheme will help in the evening of life.. would benefit Image Credit Source: Social Media new Delhi : For future financial expenses in the new year (financial expenses) It is very necessary to make this provision. This plan will make the evening of life pleasant. But of course for this you have … Read more

LIC: This scheme will end the tension of earning at a young age, will pay a hefty premium at one go and give a pension of Rs 52,000.

LIC : ही योजना संपवेल उतारवयातील कमाईचे टेन्शन, एका वेळी जोरदार प्रिमियम भरल्यानंतर देईल 52 हजार रुपयांची पेन्शन..

LIC: You can experience the evening of happiness by investing only once. life will be happy evening Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : For regular income even after retirement (regular income) Something needs to be pointed out. lic pension plan for him (pension scheme) is important. Because in this plan a … Read more

WhatsApp: Get LIC facilities on WhatsApp, all updates with policy in one click ..

WhatsApp : LIC च्या सुविधा मिळवा व्हॉट्सअपवर, पॉलिसीसह सर्वच अपडेट एका क्लिकवर..

WhatsApp: LIC has launched WhatsApp service for policyholders. lic on whatsapp Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : India’s largest insurance company, Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) for the insured (policy holder) Many facilities have been started. LIC has changed with the changing times. LIC has provided many facilities to the … Read more

LIC: Tremendous returns of these 3 policies, 1 lakh became 18.50 lakhs, many got silver from SIP ..

LIC : या 3 पॉलिसींचा जबरदस्त परतावा, 1 लाखांचे झाले 18.50 लाख, SIP च्या माध्यमातून अनेकांची चांदी..

LIC: These three schemes of LIC have given strong benefits to the investors. earning from mutual funds Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) by share (share) Investors are disappointed. Ever since the stock got listed, it has not reached the IPO price. The stock has … Read more

LIC | Invest once and get lifelong pension.. | LIC Launched Lifetime Pension Plan, Know Benefits LIC Plan


LIC | In this scheme of Life Insurance Corporation of India, you will get the facility of getting pension at a young age. Let’s know about this scheme… LIC’s best plan Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) Many schemes are popular. Indians still have faith … Read more

LIC mcap | LIC disappeared from the top 10 of the stock market, Life Insurance Corporation of India market capitalization LIC mcap slip without breaking even


LIC mcap | LIC’s stock was listed on the stock market on 17 May 2022. 902-949 was the price brand for LIC’s IPO. But the stock crashed on the very first day itself. A decline of 13 per cent was recorded. At present, the share price has fallen by 29 percent. lic out … Read more