Stock Market: The big player dropped the wicket of the market! Market affected, Sensex fell over 400 points

Stock Market : मोठ्या खेळाडुने बाजाराची विकेट पाडली! बाजार ढेपाळला, सेन्सेक्समध्ये 400 अंकाहून जास्त घसरण

Stock market: The stock market started with a decline today. Two big players spoiled the game What is the direction of the market? New Delhi : Adani Group (Adani Group) Cancellation of FPO (FPO) The impact of the verdict on the stock market (stock market live updates) appeared. This decision shocked the market. Of course, … Read more

What is FPO: What is FPO brother? What is FPO in share market, what are its benefits to common investors and who can invest in it

What is FPO : एफपीओ म्हणजे काय रे भाऊ? कंपन्यांना का आणतात बाजारात, गुंतवणूकदाराला फायदा काय

What is FPO: With the cancellation of Adani Group’s FPO, many people want to understand what it is. What is the benefit? New Delhi : Adani Enterprises is in the market for a few days (Adani Enterprises) FPO was discussed. Adani Enterprises FPO despite Hindenburg report (FPO) marketed. Its duration was till 31 January 2023. … Read more

Adani FPO: All planets turned upside down, Adani Group on backfoot, FPO worth 20 thousand crores cancelled, what will happen to investors? Adani Group canceled FPO, money will be returned to investors

Adani FPO : सर्व ग्रह फिरले वक्री, अदानी समूह बॅकफुटवर, 20 हजार कोटींचा FPO रद्द, गुंतवणूकदारांचे काय होणार?

Adani FPO : Adani Group is finally on the back foot as all planets are moving backwards. big decision New Delhi : Adani Group had to take a big decision as all the planets suddenly moved in the opposite direction. Just a few days ago, the stars of this group riding on the wave of … Read more

If Gautam Adani falls in trouble, not only the Ambani family but some other entrepreneurs come to the rescue? Mukesh Ambani came up with Adanidani FPO amid Hindenburg controversy

गौतम अदानी अडचणीत आले तर त्यांना फक्त अंबानी परिवारच नाही, आणखी काही उद्योजक बचावाला पुढे आलेत?

During the crisis of Gautam Adani, who is said to be the richest entrepreneur of the country, it is discussed in full swing that big businessmen including Mukesh Ambani have come forward to help. Image Credit Source: Google New Delhi : Gautam Adani is known as a billionaire industrialist in the world. However, for the … Read more