Which is the smallest country in the world? How was this country formed? An interesting thing – Name of the world’s smallest country Area Population Currency Knowledge News

जगातला सर्वात लहान देश कोणता? हा देश कसा निर्माण झाला? एक इंटरेस्टींग गोष्ट

The country also has its own currency, national anthem, football team, stamps and passport. That is, it contains all the things necessary for the identity of a country. smallest country in the world Image Credit Source: Social Media Most of us would know which is the largest country in the world in terms of size. … Read more

Tea tasting is also taught, these are the top 5 offbeat courses in the country – Tea Tasting Ethical Hacking Spa Management Puppetry Rural Studies Top Offbeat Courses in India You Should Know

चहाची चवही चाखायला शिकवली जाते, हे आहेत देशातील टॉप 5 हटके कोर्सेस

These are all career options that are studied in our country. tea trial course Image Credit Source: Social Media Be it learning puppetry or training in hacking, it is all taught in India. Today we are going to tell you about some strange courses taught in India. Did you know you can earn a degree … Read more

Tell me the way to stop cheating in the exam… The board organized a competition before the exam! You asked for an idea – maharashtra board msbshse launches contest, invites ideas on how to stop cheating in exams

परीक्षेत होणारी कॉपी कशी थांबवायची ते सांगा...परीक्षेपूर्वी बोर्डाने ठेवली स्पर्धा! तुम्हालाच मागितली आयडिया

Maharashtra Board Exams will be conducted in February and March 2023. cheating in exam Image Credit Source: Social Media Be it board exam or any competitive exam, no matter how much security is kept for them, somewhere they fail, still students cheat. To stop this copying, the school administration and teachers have to struggle a … Read more

B.Tech in Plastic Technology! There is no shortage of employment in this field, read details- Career College Job Offers in Plastic Engineering Course Institute, Read Salary Details

प्लास्टिक टेक्नॉलॉजीमध्ये B.Tech! या क्षेत्रात रोजगाराची कमी नाही, वाचा सविस्तर माहिती

There is no dearth of employment in this field. Companies offer jobs to students only through campus selection. plastic engineering Image Credit Source: Social Media The use of plastic is increasing day by day. No place can be found where plastic is not used. So have you ever thought that you can make a career … Read more

Crying professor tears diploma paper in live show

रडता रडता प्राध्यापकाने Live Show शो मध्ये फाडले Diploma चे कागद

From today I do not need this diploma, because there is no place for education in this country. alert news Image Credit Source: Social Media A Kabul University professor tore up his diploma live on TV and cried, “If my mother and sister can’t read, they won’t even accept this education.” This video has gone … Read more

O wonder! Village of Butki people in India, only Butki people live here

अहो आश्चर्यम! भारतातलं बुटक्या लोकांचं गाव, इथे राहतात फक्त बुटकी लोकं

Today we are going to tell you about a village where every person living is a butki. Yes! Only and only Butki people live in this village. dwarf village in india Image Credit Source: Social Media Assam: This world is full of surprises. The more easily we say this sentence, the more important this sentence … Read more

Which is the toughest exam in the world? Where is it taken? What is asked in this exam?

जगातली सगळ्यात अवघड परीक्षा कोणती? कुठे घेतली जाते? या परीक्षेत काय विचारलं जातं?

To get admission in the universities, students have to take the exam. This exam is considered to be one of the toughest exams in the world. entrance examinations Image Credit Source: Social Media In China, students have to take the Gaokao exam to get into universities. This exam is considered to be one of the … Read more

What was the name of the first woman pilot of the Indian Air Force? Read about the countless questions you may not know the answers to

भारतीय हवाई दलाच्या पहिल्या महिला वैमानिकाचं नाव काय होतं? असे असंख्य प्रश्न ज्याची उत्तरं तुम्हाला माहित नसतील, वाचा

Which animal has a heart in its head? There are a number of questions through which the knowledge of the candidates is tested. Let us know the answers to some such questions today. Common Sense Image Credit Source: Social Media There are different rules for government jobs across the country. In some places the candidate … Read more

See the copy system sir! There are numbers one after the other.

साहेबांची COPY ची व्यवस्था बघा! एक एक नग असतात बुआ...

Have you ever done something like this to copy in childhood?? copy in exam Image Credit Source: Social Media Have you ever cheated on an exam? If yes, have you ever been caught? Some teachers are great, they know where to hide the notebooks! Seeing this video going viral on social media, many people will … Read more

Dress code will be implemented in Madrasas, NCERT book will be there, Kurta Pajama will be closed!

मदरशांमध्ये ड्रेस कोड लागू होणार, NCERT ची पुस्तक असणार, कुर्ता पायजमा होणार बंद!

From next year, the dress code will be implemented in all 103 madrasas under the jurisdiction of the Waqf Board in the state. seminary Image Credit Source: Social Media New steps are being taken soon in the direction of modernization of madrassas in Uttarakhand. Here the dress code is being implemented for the … Read more