Stock Market Crash: Stock Market Crash, Black Friday Attack, Millions of Investors Hit – Black Friday for the Indian stock market after heavy selling, investors lost 7 lakh crores in the day’s trading

Stock Market Crash : शेअर बाजार गडगडला, ब्लॅक फ्रायडेचा वार, गुंतवणूकदारांना इतक्या लाख कोटींचा फटका

Stock Market Crash: Investors were once again shocked in the last session due to strong selling in the stock market. Investors’ mouths watered. black Friday New Delhi : in Indian stock market (Share Market) today is black friday (black Friday) Investors’ mouths watered. The market was closed on Thursday on account of Republic Day. Then … Read more

Toyota: Tata’s daughter-in-law will take over Toyota! Such is the connection with Maharashtra – Mansi Kirloskar, daughter of Vikram Kirloskar, will take over as the vice-chairman of Tata Toyota Kirloskar Motor.

Toyota : टाटा यांची सून सांभाळणार Toyota चा कारभार! असे आहे महाराष्ट्राशी कनेक्शन

Toyota: Tata’s daughter-in-law will take over Toyota. Do you know his relation with Maharashtra? marathi connection New Delhi : Toyota Kirloskar Motor is the leading car manufacturer in the country. (TKM) The whole matter has been handed over to Tata’s daughter-in-law. Toyota is now operated by Mansi Kirloskar-Tata (Mansi Kirloskar Tata) It will be in … Read more

Indian Rupee: Will the Indian Rupee be a substitute for the Dollar? Russia-China prediction turned out to be completely false, as international currency claims strong rupee

Indian Rupee : भारतीय रुपया ठरेल का डॉलरला पर्याय? रशिया-चीनचा अंदाज ठरला सपशेल खोटा, आंतरराष्ट्रीय चलन म्हणून रुपयाची दावेदारी मजबूत..

Indian Rupee: Rupee will strengthen the dollar in the international market. A new identity of the Indian Rupee Image Credit Source: Social Media new Delhi : The whole world is corona at this time (Corona) caught up in the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine conflict. In such a situation, India has made a big strategy. Therefore, … Read more

Businessman-turned-McLaren 765 LT Spyder owner will be shocked to read the price of this supercar

हे बिझनेसमॅन बनले McLaren 765 LT स्पायडरचे मालक, या सुपरकारची किंमत वाचून थक्क व्हाल

This spider car has been made by McLaren. It is one of the fastest running cars. naseer khan with supercar Hyderabad : Businessman Naseer Khan became the owner of the McLaren 765LT Spyder. It is considered to be one of the costliest supercars in the country. According to, the McLaren 765 LT Spyder is … Read more

Bernard Arnault: Who is Bernard Arnault following Elon Musk? What is their occupation? One click answer.

Bernard Arnault : एलॉन मस्क यांना धोबीपछाड देणारे बर्नार्ड अर्नाल्ट आहे तरी कोण? त्यांचा व्यवसाय तरी काय? उत्तर एका क्लिकवर..

Bernard Arnault: What is the occupation of Bernard Arnault, the richest man in the world? richest in the world Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : Elon Musk (Elon Musk) Bernard Arnault giving her a bath (Bernard Arnault) He became the richest person in the world. Included in the world’s top-10 billionaires (Top-10 Billionaires) … Read more

Ambani and Adani also benefited this year, but other entrepreneurs lost

अंबानी आणि अदानी यांनी यंदाही कमावलं, पण बाकीच्या उद्योजकांनी गमावलं

Elon Musk, who was number one in the list of world’s richest people, has lost his wealth and is now number one in the list of those who have lost property. Image Credit Source: Facebook Mumbai: Recently the list of the richest people of India and Asia has been released. In this, Gautam … Read more

Share: The trend of earnings of foreign investors, the attraction of this stock is not resolved, bought 82 lakh shares..

Share : परदेशी गुंतवणूकदारांची कमाईची चाल, या शेअरचा मोह सोडवेना, 82 लाख स्टॉक्सची केली खरेदी..

Shares: Foreign investors are attracted towards this stock, do you have this share in your portfolio.. Favorite part of foreign visitors Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : hero (hero) Shares of parent company E-Commerce Ventures Limited in Thursday’s stock market (Share Market) The session has improved a lot. Shares hit 52-week … Read more

Twitter is now wholly owned by Elon Musk! Read the history of the world’s biggest big deals in one click!

Elon Musk gave a big nod on Thursday when he brought a large wash basin to Twitter’s headquarters. Today its meaning became completely clear. Mumbai: Elon Musk trapped in Twitter dealElon Musk) has won the deal. on twitter (TwitterIt seems that they are making full use of their powers. He had indicated this … Read more

What should be the salary of Nita Ambani who wears clothes?

Nita Ambani is known for her fashion sense. No matter what happens, all eyes are on Nita Ambani. Mumbai: Nita Ambani, wife of the country’s richest businessman Mukesh Ambani, is always in the news. Nita Ambani has an exclusive collection of designer sarees, lehengas and jewellery. Nita Ambani is known for her fashion … Read more

Twitter: Why did Elon Musk come under fire for buying Twitter? What do you really want to achieve in this industry?

Twitter : ट्विटर खरेदीसाठी Elon Musk इरेला का पेटले? या उद्योगात नेमकं मिळवायचं तरी काय?

Twitter: Why did Elon Musk struggle so much to buy Twitter? What’s hidden in this deal? Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : Elon Musk (Elon Musk) now for twitter (Twitter) has become the official owner. But many have wondered why Musk went to such lengths to buy Twitter. At present his … Read more