Dividend: This company is giving more than the interest of the bank, investors got a strong lottery

Dividend : बँकेच्या व्याजापेक्षा जास्त लाभांश देत आहे ही कंपनी, गुंतवणूकदारांना लागली जोरदार लॉटरी..

Dividend: This company has given wealth to the investors. declaration of dividend Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : in the mining sector (mining area) The investors of this company have won the lottery. This company gives strong dividend to the investors (Dividend) has been declared. The company has declared a dividend … Read more

Digital Currency: Now you will soon have digital money, these four banks got permission ..

Digital Currency : आता तुमच्याकडेही लवकरच डिजिटल रुपया, या चार बँकांना मिळाली परवानगी..

Digital Currency: Soon you will be able to use digital rupee. Now you also have digital rupee Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : Reserve Bank of India (Reserve Bank of India – RBI) Digital currency pilot project has gathered momentum. Currently it is used by RBI and major banks of the … Read more

Bank: License of this bank has been canceled in Maharashtra, RBI has taken action, your money is not stuck.

Bank : महाराष्ट्रातील या बँकेचा परवाना रद्द, आरबीआयने केली कारवाई, तुमचा तर पैसा अडकला नाही ना..

Bank: Reserve Bank of India has taken action against this bank in Maharashtra. action against this bank Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : RBI on non-compliant and wayward banks (Reserve Bank of India – RBI) takes drastic steps. In the last four months, in two-three banks of the state (Bank) RBI … Read more

FD: Increase in interest rate on fixed deposits soon, due to which banks will have to give more returns

FD : मुदत ठेवीवरील व्याजदरात लवकरच वाढ, या कारणांमुळे बँकांना द्यावा लागणार अधिकचा परतावा

FD: Interest rates on fixed deposits are likely to increase soon. What are the reasons behind this.. good return on fixed deposit Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : Fixed deposit (Fixed deposit) There is good news for the citizens investing in the scheme. Soon more interest rate in this scheme (Rate … Read more

Bank: On this day there may be disruption due to strike, the work of the bank organization will be affected by the strike.

Bank : संपामुळे या दिवशी होऊ शकता खोळंबा, बँक संघटनाचे काम बंद आंदोलनाचा बसेल फटका

Bank: Your work may be disrupted today due to bank strike. off work Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi: With the bank on the 19th of this month i.e. Saturday (Bank) If there is any related work to be done, then complete it first. Because on this 19 November, the functioning of … Read more

Bank: SBI customers will be misled by high prices, be careful, don’t be naive..

Bank : एसबीआय ग्राहकांना आमिष पडेल महागात,रहा सावध, होऊ नका सावज..

Bank: Important news for SBI account holders .. stay alert Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : in State Bank of India (state Bank of India) Alert for account holders (Warning) Come they are likely to be cheated. So they should be careful. Caution is needed. letter by notification office (PIB) A … Read more

Loan: If the loan is outstanding, then the bank cannot enforce it, the borrower has now got this right..

Loan : कर्ज थकल्यास बँक नाही लावू शकत तगादा, कर्जदाराला मिळाले आता हे अधिकार..

Loan: If the loan is outstanding then now the bank cannot be forced, what are your rights.. can’t be bothered to recover Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : If you too from bank (Bank) a debt (loan) If it is taken and while making payment its installments are coming in vain? … Read more

Salary: What are the benefits of a salary account? You will be surprised by reading this feature..

Salary : सॅलरी अकाऊंटचे फायदे काय? या सुविधा वाचून तुम्ही व्हाल हैराण..

Salary: Salaried person gets good facilities from the bank..Do you know? These facilities are available Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : Salary Account with the Bank for Salaried Persons (salary account) There is a bank to customers under these accounts (Bank) Provides many facilities. What are these facilities? This allows a … Read more