Richest country: 400 or 500, how many more years will it take for India to become as rich as America? – 400 or 500 years how many years will it take for India to become rich like America

Richest Country : 400 की 500, अमेरिका सारखे श्रीमंत होण्यासाठी भारताला लागतील अजून किती वर्षे?

Richest Country: India is dreaming of becoming an economic superpower. There is nothing wrong with that. But how many more years will it take for India to become an economic superpower? When will it be a superpower? New Delhi : Modi government (Modi government) Since its arrival, India has started moving towards the dream of … Read more

Income Tax: Helplessness of Indians in paying income tax, they pay only this much tax! Easy to make memes on tax but what percentage of Indians pay tax we are nowhere compared to America

Income Tax : आयकर भरण्यात भारतीयांची कुचराई, इतके टक्केच भरतात टॅक्स!

Income Tax: Statistics show that Indians are still doing poorly in paying income tax. Indians are still confused about paying taxes. tax fraud New Delhi: Income Tax (Income tax) Indians are still behind in filling. Financial literacy is low. People are asking why tax should be given on income when everything is being taxed. from … Read more

Nitin Gadkari: In just two years, India will promote America in this field.

Nitin Gadkari : अवघ्या दोन वर्षांत भारत अमेरिकेला या क्षेत्रात देणार टशन.. 2024 पर्यंत या बाबतीत करेल बरोबरी, काय आहे नितीन गडकरी यांचा दावा

Nitin Gadkari: India will be equal to America in next two years US equivalent Image Credit Source: Social Media new Delhi : Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari (Nitin Gadkari) He is known as Rodkari. During his tenure, the network of roads spread rapidly across the country. a very ambitious project (Assignment or … Read more

Job: US recession at the root of IT companies; Major layoffs around the world | IT companies are lacking employees due to recession in America

Due to the recession in America, there is an atmosphere of uneasiness in the whole world. It is going to be a tough time for the software industry in India which is facing difficulties. in America (AmericaDue to the recession, there is an atmosphere of uneasiness in the whole world. Even for India’s … Read more

Gulf Countries | No consignment of money, leave a note from gulf countries, due to logistics, southern states including Maharashtra are worried. US tops UAE or Gulf countries in remittances to India, says RBI report:

Gulf Countries

gulf countries money Indians earning money in the Gulf used to send money to their relatives in the country. But now this amount has halved. Along with Maharashtra, the inflow of money has come to a standstill in the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. drop in foreign flows Image Credit Source: … Read more