Success story: Mother works as a sweeper, son becomes JEN, read the story of struggle

fight It is said that if you have the determination and passion to do something, the means do not matter. An enterprising person from Jhunjhunu has done something similar. This story is about a young man, who succeeds in fighting against the underprivileged. At the age of seven, the shadow of his father rose from his head. Mother wanted to do cleaning work. The elder brother, who was only four years old, had to drop out of school as his mother could not afford the education of both of them. Hence, at a young age, he worked as a laborer with his mother and tutored his younger brother. The mother not only gave the child academic education but also taught him to become a man. The mother taught him how to achieve his goals by fighting against the underprivileged and finally the day came when his son became a government official.

Success in JEN Recruitment Exam
Anil Dulgach from Valmiki Basti in Jhunjhunu town has cleared the State Staff Selection Commission examination, after which he has been selected for the JEN post of an autonomous government body. His father Kishanlal Dulagach died when Anil was 7 years old. A mountain of troubles fell on the family. After this, Anil’s mother Geeta Devi handled the situation and started cleaning work in a private hostel in the city. She started teaching both her children what she learned from cleaning. After that, Anil’s elder brother Narendra realized his mother’s problem and quit his studies so that his younger brother could study and started helping his mother in her work.

Such studies
Anil was educated in a government school. After passing 12th, Anil could hardly afford the form fee for the IIT exam, but with the encouragement of his mother, Anil cleared the exam and got his B.Tech degree from National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra. Took part time job, took books for preparation, paid fees. After B.Tech, Anil asked his mother to take coaching to prepare for competitive exams. The mother did not have substantial coaching fees, but she encouraged the boy. Somehow he got admitted in coaching. Coaching in Delhi would have cost Rs 2 lakh per annum. Anil was working in a private company for fees. After this, he sat for the competitive exam and got success. Anil credits his entire success to his mother and family. Anil Dulagach says that success in life does not come easily. The biggest requirement for this is high spirit along with hard work.

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