Success story: Indian woman gave her husband a 1.50 crore job, thus started a company

New Delhi. Success Story: A woman named Poonam Gupta has given her husband a job worth 1.50 crores. While the woman insisted that her husband should get a job in her own company, Poonam had once started a business with no money. In fact, when Poonam asked her husband to join the company in the initial stages, he said I will not leave my 80 lakhs job and join your company. Because you can’t afford me. But times changed and the husband had to work for almost double the salary.

Poonam Gupta, a resident of Delhi, had come to Indore to attend a Pravasi Samela. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman was also very impressed after hearing his success story. This story is an example for those who want to start their own business. Actually, Poonam got married in 2002 to Puneet Gupta who works in Scotland. Poonam also shifted to Scotland after marriage. Poonam did her MBA in Economics Hons. He hoped that he would get a job easily in such a situation.

Didn’t get a job then started a business
Unable to get a job, Poonam decides to start a business and that too in a business that does not require money. Poonam found out that companies in Europe and America throw tons of waste paper every day. Lakhs of rupees are spent to solve it. According to India, the quality of this paper is also very good and good money can be earned if it is recycled.

Contracted with many countries’ companies
Poonam has signed contracts to procure scrap paper from several companies in Italy, Finland, Sweden and the US. This not only gave him scrap, but money to spend on scrap. In the very first deal, Poonam worked for Rs 40 lakh. The job was also easy for Poonam as she was a resident of Delhi where the paper has a lot of business. Poonam’s father was also a famous businessman of Old Delhi. That is why foreign paper work started here.

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So the husband got a job
When Poonam’s company PG Paper started working with several companies in Europe and America, she needed a reliable partner. This is why Poonam added her husband Punit, who works in a medical company, to her company. We tell you that today the company has a net worth of Rs 1000 crores and the business is spread across more than 60 countries. This company has offices in 7 countries and 9 parent companies.

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