students vote using android app, this is how the actual voting process started

40 candidates were in the fray for nine posts. The candidates standing in the election filled their nomination papers. The candidates were given 3 days to campaign.

Students vote using Android app, actual voting process started

EVMs were used in this tribal area!

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Gadchiroli: Use of EVMs in School Cabinet Elections Are you all surprised? Yes, it is very true. This innovative experiment was implemented to educate school students about the election process. School ministerial elections were held today in GP Central School Chamorshi under Chamorshi Panchayat Samiti. In this activity, students participated in the voting process using the Android app ‘Voting Machine’.

What is election? How do adults vote? How is EVM machine? How are votes counted? Why do you apply ink? And how is the overall process? Many such questions are constantly asked by the students to the teachers of the school.

School’s technical savvy teacher Praveen Potwar informed his fellow teachers about the decision of actually implementing the election process through EVMs to the school students. This process was implemented with the cooperation of all the teachers.

From 5th to 7th, elections were held for 9 posts like Chief Minister, Student Representative, Education Minister, Culture Minister, Tourism Minister, Health Minister, Sanitation Minister, School Nutrition Minister, Sports Minister.

40 candidates were in the fray for these 9 posts. The candidates standing in the election filled their nomination papers. The candidates were given 3 days to campaign.

Prepared EVM through Voting Machine App and prepared list of candidates with photo in it. Projectors with mock polls showed how the class actually votes.

After pressing the ballot button, a green light flashes and a distinctive sound is heard when the button next to the preferred candidate is pressed. After conveying this to everyone from the projector, the actual election process began.

A separate polling station was set up in the classroom. The voter list was announced before the polling. A total of 9 EVM machines were kept for 9 posts.

100 students of the school participated in the voting. Two students were chased near the door by forming a long queue outside the polling station. asked to control the crowd. School teacher Mangalkumar Manampallivar served as the presiding officer of the polling station.

He put ink on his finger with a marker pen. The Ballot Unit was conducted by School Principal Vatsala Tampade, School Teacher Tushar Chandekar, Dadaji Shedmake, Arun Khobragade, Vinod Brahmanwade, Nirmala Kondavar, Namrata Martiwar, Vandana Ramteke, Pushpalata Lanje, Shalu Kodape, Praveen Potwar.

The students participated with great enthusiasm in this process. Each voter was voting for nine seats. No bogus voting or over-voting took place. After voting, the EVM machine was sealed by pressing the close button at around 9 o’clock.

Soon after that all the students were called in the fray and the results of the election were declared in front of the candidate.

Chief Minister – Nomesh Barsagade, Student Representative – Dnyaneshwari Mote, Health Minister – Ayush Gedam, Education Minister – Hiranya Pipre, Tourism Minister – Devyani Chalakh, Culture Minister – Snehal Gyar, Sports Minister – Prem Mungelwar, Sanitation Minister – Anant Pogulwar, School Nutrition Minister- Yash Naitam was declared the winner by majority vote.

After the selection all the students celebrated by lighting Gulal. The oath of office and secrecy was administered to all the ministers in the school cabinet elected by the school teacher Tushar Chandekar.

The selected students were instructed how to work, when to help the teacher, how to cooperate with the selected students to maintain discipline and cleanliness.

School Management Committee members Mandtai Wankhede, Snehal Joshi, School Principal Vatsala Tambade honored the winning candidates by giving them selection certificates.

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