Stock Market: Big change in the stock market! Now no need to wait for proper funding What is T+ 1 – Indian stock market will shift to a shorter trading cycle T+1 settlement on Jan 27, 2023

Stock Market: Another major change is taking place in the Indian stock market, it will definitely benefit.

New Delhi : Indian equity market (equity market) There is an important update for investors on 27 January 2023. stock market today (Share Market) Big change is happening. Investors deposit their settlement amount in the account once the trend is over in the market (Bank Account) No need to wait for it to happen. In just 24 hours their amount will be deposited in the account. The rule in this regard is being implemented from next week. Buyers and sellers will be allowed to receive money within 24 hours. Large cap and blue-chip companies will be given T+1 facility next week.

Presently T+2 method is applicable in the stock market. Because of this it takes 48 hours for the amount to reach the bank account after trade settlement. The T+2 rule was implemented in the stock market in the year 2003. This rule will now change on January 27, 2023.

T+1 facility allows investors to do faster trade settlement in funds and shares. The amount will now be credited to their account a day earlier than before. The cycle of settlement will now be completed soon. Therefore, the investor’s money will not remain trapped.

Once the trade is completed between buyers and sellers in the stock market, the amount will be received quickly. Due to the old rule, one had to wait two days for the settlement. But now the trade agreement will be done within a day. So the amount will be credited to your bank account quickly.

Of course, this rule is likely to increase the number of investors in the market. Investment is likely to increase. Due to the amount coming in the account in the same day, the transaction will also speed up. Therefore foreign investors can also invest more money now.

On the other hand some experts did not like this rule. He has expressed apprehension that due to this rule, there will be big ups and downs in the market. They anticipate that some corporates, foreign investors, large shareholders will take advantage of this and close deals to keep the market going.

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