share | The rest of the investors lost.. in the record decline of this company. LIC shares hit an all-time low of Rs 648 on BSE, which is now 32 percent lower than the IPO price

share | Investors have lost the rest of their lives because of this stock. Has this stock, which came with a lot of activity in the market, started falling soon?

share |  The rest of the investors lost their lives.

When will these stocks stop falling?

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New Delhi : because of this share (share) of investors (investor) The rest of the time is wasted. Investors suspect that the stock, which came with a lot of activity in the market, has started declining at this time. It reached a new record low in the stock market (lowest record) has been established.

So this company is familiar to all of us. We all know that Life Insurance Corporation of India or LIC is the largest insurance company in the insurance sector. The IPO of this company entered the market with great fanfare. But investors were extremely disappointed from day one.

LIC’s stock market failed to show performance. The company has been left out of the top 10 competition as it has not been able to keep up with its steadily declining performance. The market capitalization value of this company is strong. But the market’s performance has deteriorated.

Today on 22 September 2022, LIC shares fell again on NSE. Now this share is at Rs 648. This is its lowest level. So investors are disappointed. Investors are worried about the question of when the bullish session will come in this stock.

On the other hand, the government launched LIC’s IPO in the market with great fanfare. He was recruited. The investor just jumped. But from a second look the IPO fell flat. Its downfall has not stopped. At present, the IPO has declined by 32 per cent.

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LIC was listed on the stock market on 17 May 2022. The IPO price at that time was Rs 949. On the first day itself, it had fallen by about 8 per cent. Since then, LIC shares have not been able to reach the fixed price of the IPO.

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