Share Market: What will happen to the stock market on Monday?

Share Market: What will be the direction of the share market, what will be your benefit?

Share Market: What will happen to the stock market on Monday?

What is the direction of the stock market?

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New Delhi : gangbang eater stock market (Share Market) It rained heavily during the interval. But as the market went into reverse gear last mid-week and on Friday, the rally skyrocketed. After this, on Monday, December 5, 2022, how the market situation will be, it has started to be guessed. of Gujarat Legislative Assembly (Gujarat Assembly Election) Second phase of voting by RBI (RBI) Experts are of the opinion that all aspects of monetary policy will have an impact on the market. Hence, experts are watching whether the market will turn bullish or stable.

Investors are eyeing the return of BJP in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh elections or not. Therefore, there is no possibility of increasing the repo rate in the monetary policy meeting. A marginal increase in the repo rate is expected. This will have a positive impact on the market.

Due to global results, the stock market will remain volatile. monetary policy committee of the central bank (MPC) The meeting is taking place. The results of the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh assembly elections will come on December 8. Its effect will definitely be seen in the market.

Oil prices are continuously falling in the international market. Russia has decided to keep an oil market cap for EU countries. It will not have much effect on India. But if fuel prices fall after the election results, then its effect can be seen in the market.

The US Federal Reserve has consistently raised interest rates. But in the US, interest rates have come down due to relief on the inflation front. On the other hand, the fall in the value of the dollar has strengthened the rupee. This will also have a positive impact on the market.

There is a lot of anger in China over its handling of Covid. Although restrictions have been relaxed in some places, there are reports that restrictions will not be relaxed completely to prevent the spread of Kovid-19 in China. What will be the reaction of the market on this, it will be revealed.

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