Share Market: This is how the stock market will run, the result of these things will be seen, take a look – Share Market Points to make trade plan for Nifty 50 Bank Nifty and Nifty today itself

Share Market: Know the market before investing, what experts say

Share Market: This is how the stock market will run, the effect of these things will be seen, take a look

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New Delhi : Share Market (Share Market) Before investing, once understand the direction of the market. By knowing the factors affecting the market before playing the blind salad, minimal losses can be avoided. Research analyst Gaurav Sharma gave this information. Accordingly, Nifty today (Nifty), bank nifty (Bank Nifty)And how to trade Nifty IT, you can calculate earning. For this he has mentioned these five points. These tips can be important for investing in the last trading session on the last day of the week.

HCL Tech (HCL Tech) The company has earned better profits than expected. The company’s profit in the third quarter increased by 19 percent to Rs 4,096 crore. The company had earned a profit of Rs 3,442 crore in the same quarter a year ago.

For investors, HCL Tech Company has announced dividend till 1 February. Infosys is also in a strong run. This company seems to be in a strong position in the IT sector. This is just a guess. This information is not investment advice of any kind.

There was a decline in retail inflation. The government has announced figures in this regard on Thursday. According to this figure, the inflation rate in December 2022 (CPI inflation) 5.72 left. Due to this, the public has got a big relief on the front of inflation for three consecutive months. The fall in food prices has led to a decline in the rate of retail inflation.

on consumer price index (CPI) Core retail inflation was 5.88 per cent in November 2022 and 5.66 per cent in December 2021 last year. If we look at the figures of two years ago, these figures are reassuring.

The inflation rate has come down in America. There has been a decline in the inflation figures in December as compared to November. The inflation rate has now reached 6.5 percent. This rate is expected to decline further in the coming days.

It is predicted that the US economy will come out of the inflationary spiral. This development will be reflected in the maximum interest rate. The Federal Reserve Bank is expected to abandon its aggressive policy on interest rates. After six months the inflation rate came down.

Dow Jones has given a 17-day breakout in the US stock market. This has created a cup like pattern. The Dow Jones is currently trending between 33697 to 34189. The effect of reduction in inflation rate will be visible in the market.

The Indian Rupee is in a strong position against the US Dollar. The rupee is trading at 81.115 against the dollar. Today some changes can be seen. Some countries have recognized the Indian Rupee as an international currency for trade.

This is a review of the factors that can affect the stock market. This is not an investment tip of any kind at all. Investors should invest wisely and with expert advice.

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