Share Market FPI: Mistrust of foreign tourists even before the budget! The stock market was stunned by this decision – FPIS has withdrawn 17020 crores from shares so far in January, purchases may be made in the budget

Stock market FPI: A matter of concern as foreign visitors show mistrust in the Indian market even before the budget.

New Delhi : Foreign tourists in the Indian stock market before the budget (Share Market) Disbelief is shown. It is the result of international affairs and issues. But statistics show that even in the Indian market, they are not getting Ram. foreign portfolio investors this january (FPI) Rs 17,000 crore has been withdrawn from the stock market. Chinese stock market fascination about Indian budget (Union Budget 2023) He has taken this step due to the caution of wholesalers and the policy of the US Central Bank Federal Reserve. Till January 27, FPI has sold Rs 17,023 crore from the market. Of course, money has been taken out of the stock market. FPI has invested Rs 3,685 crore in loans and bonds this month. Like India, Indonesia’s market is also not trusted by foreign tourists.

Investors have been alerted even before the budget. The second is the US Federal Reserve meeting. FPIs took a beating as there were talks of tightening policy again. The Federal Reserve meeting is on January 31.

With the easing of restrictions, foreign investors have focused on the Chinese market. Foreign tourists are investing money in China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Thailand after withdrawing money from markets in India and Indonesia.

Earlier, FPI had expressed confidence in the Indian market in the month of December. In December 2022, he had invested Rs 11,119 crore. Whereas in November 2022, Rs 36,239 crore was added. Last year in 2022, foreign visitors had invested Rs 1.21 lakh crore in the Indian stock market.

In the past two years, foreign visitors have boosted sales. Foreign visitors have drawn net money from the market for 9 months in a row. While FPI made net purchases in July. He had invested Rs 14,000 crore in 2022 in the first week of August. Foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) had made a net investment of around Rs 5,000 crore in July.

Earlier, since October last year, foreign visitors were continuously selling their shares. Between October 2021 and June 2022, they made a massive withdrawal of Rs 2.46 lakh crore from the Indian equity market.

FPIs have often pulled out aggressively from the Indian market due to tighter interest rate policies of the world’s central banks, aggressive interest rate hikes, fluctuating crude oil prices, Russia-Ukraine war.

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