School holidays 2023: How many days will schools be closed in February? Schedule a vacation now

New Delhi (School Holidays 2023), schools have started in most of the states after the winter break. There are not many days left until the end of January. In such a situation, students are eagerly waiting for the upcoming holidays in February 2023. February is a very busy month for students. Most of the children are busy with their studies and exams (Feb 2023 Holidays).

If you have looked at the annual calendar of holidays, you would have realized that this year most of the holidays are falling on Saturday or Sunday (holiday list 2023). By viewing the school holiday calendar for February 2023, you can plan your holiday or study schedule accordingly. Find out how many days schools will be closed in February (Schools Closed in February 2023).

List of Holidays for February 2023

Date day holiday
5 February 2023 sunday Birthday of Hazrat Ali
15 February 2023 Wednesday Maharishi Dayananda Saraswati Jayanti
18 February 2023 Saturday Maha Shivratri
19 February 2023 sunday Shivaji Jayanti

Schools are also closed on Saturdays
Many schools remain closed on both Saturday and Sunday. If your school also remains closed on both these days, you can enjoy holidays on February 4-5, February 11-12, February 18-19 and February 25-26, 2023. For your information, we inform you that Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti is an optional holiday and schools in Maharashtra are closed on Shivaji Jayanti.

What to do during the February holidays?
Many schools have practical or oral exams in February (examination in February 2023). Exams for remaining classes will also start in March 2023. In that case, prepare well for your exam during the holidays coming in February. This will help you score better in the exam. Don’t waste time unnecessarily this month.

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