School Curriculum: Lessons taught in schools against body shaming, don’t call each other fat and thin

New Delhi (School Curriculum, Body Shaming), many Bollywood stars have mentioned the incidents of body shaming that happened to them. Body shaming is intentionally or unintentionally making comments about someone’s body (body shaming meaning). People do not hesitate to call anyone fat, thin, dry bone, agarbatti etc. in common parlance.

Many times, victims of body shaming become victims of inferiority complex. Even in schools it has become very common for kids to body shame each other. To prevent this, Kerala Education Minister V Shivankutty has mentioned teaching about body shaming in the curriculum to raise awareness against body shaming among school children (Kerala Education Minister).

Ministers of Kerala understood the seriousness
Kerala Education Minister V Shivankutty said that someone had commented on her photo and asked her to lose weight. Shivankutty told the person that body shaming is a heinous crime. The words used for body shaming can mean anything, but it’s just mean. There are many people among us who have suffered psychologically as victims of body shaming.

Schools will start
The education minister had also told the story of apartheid to his brother’s friend. Due to this they had to face a lot of trouble. People need to be taught a lesson in civility to end body shaming. Currently thinking about how it can be included in educational curriculum to sensitize children.

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