Rupee: Rupee prostrated against the dollar, what happened when the rupee fell so much? , The rupee has fallen by 42 paise against the US dollar in early trade on 22 September 22 to the lowest level ever.

Rupee: Rupee has fallen once again. Why has the rupee depreciated against the dollar in the last three to four months?

Rupee: Rupee prostrated against the dollar, what happened when the rupee fell so much?

devaluation of rupee

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New Delhi : dollar (Dollar) In comparison, the rupee fell again. Rupee sets new record on September 22, 2022 (All time low) Made in the initial trading session Rs. (Rupees) It closed at 80.47, down by 51 paise. This is believed to be the result of the continuous increase in interest rates.

The US Federal Reserve Bank has raised interest rates for the third time. The dollar benefited from this. This strengthened the dollar. This affected the Indian rupee. Rupee at lower level

The rupee was at 80.27 against the dollar in the opening trading session on Thursday. Then suddenly he was surrounded. He roared. The rupee fell to 80.47 in the opening session itself. This is the lowest level ever.

The rupee was in a strong position on Wednesday. The rupee closed at 79.96 against the dollar. Rupee was in a good position in yesterday’s trading session. It was trading at the level of 79.79. On July 20, the rupee had fallen to 80.05 against the dollar. After that the rupee recovered.

Dollar index is currently at a strong level. Due to this the Indian rupee and other Asian currencies seem to be weakening. The euro has also reached a 20-year low of 0.9822 against the dollar.

If measures are not taken in time, the rupee will continue to depreciate. According to experts, looking at the position of the rupee, it may soon touch a new record of 81-82.

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Bank of America has increased interest rates by 0.75%. Therefore, it is believed that inflation will remain under control. Now it has to be seen what steps RBI takes to stop the fall of rupee.

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