Rupee: Rupee penalty against dollar, what will be your benefit?

Rupee: What will you actually get from penalty of Rupee against Dollar?

Rupee: Rupee fine against dollar, will you benefit?

advantage of rupee’s strength

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New Delhi : in rupees (Rupees) After a long day for the dollar (Dollar) Vigorous wash is given. especially other currencies (Posture) The performance of the rupee at a falling level is commendable. For the first time, a penalty has been imposed on the rupee against the dollar. What will be the benefit to you?

Rupee has made a strong comeback for the second time. On Tuesday, the rupee had gained 17 paise to close at 81.11 against the dollar. On the economic front in the domestic market, the central government has got a big relief.

Two developments are important behind the strengthening of the rupee. Foreign reserves are increasing in this. Foreign investors’ money is coming. This is also one of the reasons for the huge fall in crude oil prices. Both these factors have benefited on the economic front.

The common man will also benefit from the strengthening of the rupee against the dollar. International trade is done in dollars. With the strengthening of the rupee, there will be a saving in the cost of imports. The bill will come down and many goods can be imported cheaply.

India imports crude oil and edible oil. A lot of resources of India are spent in this. With the strengthening of the rupee, now both these parts can be imported cheaply. This can reduce the losses of Indian oil companies.

India imports pulses in large quantities. This strengthening of the rupee against the dollar will help pulses prices fall domestically. Along with this, there is a possibility of further decline in the prices of edible oil.

As the rupee strengthens, retail inflation is likely to fall further. Inflation has come down in the month of October. He changed the record for the last three months. In the month of November, it is likely to be a little more than 6 per cent.

The real benefit of the strengthening of the rupee is being seen in the stock market. The market has returned. Foreign investors have also turned their march towards the market again. Foreign tourists are pouring money into many companies. In such a situation, the market is moving towards new highs.

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