RTO News: RTO office will stop.. complete this work sitting at home.. | Now you don’t need to visit RTO you can avail 58 services online

RTO News: The turmoil in the RTO office of the common man is about to stop. Many services can now be completed at home.

RTO News : RTO office will stop .. complete this work sitting at home ..

These services will be available at home

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New Delhi : Now you need a vehicle license (dl) Transport office for multiple functions (RTO) No need to wander. State Ministry of Transport and Highways (morth) 58 services are now completely online.

These 58 services include many services related to vehicle licensing. The ministry has also issued a notification in this regard. In such a situation, common people do not need to go to the office.

This includes vehicle license, conductor license, permit (permit) and transfer of ownership (transfer of ownership) Such services include:

Aadhaar Verification (Aadhaar Authentication) Through the service, citizens will be able to avail these services sitting at home. Now there is no need to visit RTO office again and again.

The ministry gave information about these services on Saturday. Accordingly, contactless and faceless facilities will be provided. This will save people’s time. So the crowd in RTO office will be less.

Online services include application for learner’s license, change of address, name, photo in learner’s license, application for duplicate learner’s license, etc.

There is no longer a need to visit RTO office for tasks like obtaining International Driving Permit, change of address in conductor’s license.

A person who does not have an Aadhar card can avail these services by submitting the application himself. For that this person will have to submit other documents.

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These services were earlier provided online. But citizens had to go to the office for document verification. Therefore, the use of the online method was ineffective. The government then permanently replaced these services.

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