Republic Day Inspiration: Read Sardar Patel’s 10 Inspirational Thoughts on Republic Day, You Will Learn Great Things

Inspiration of Republic Day: Today India is celebrating its 74th Republic Day. Many revolutionaries and great leaders have contributed to unifying India after independence from British colonialism. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel has contributed immensely to the unification and republication of India. Sardar Patel’s inspiring words on Republic Day today can inspire you too. So let’s read Sardar Patel’s 10 precious words.

Fight against injustice

Your goodness stands in your way, so let your eyes be red with anger and deal with injustice with hard hands.

Insulting is an art

You should know the art of bearing your insults.

Non-violence level of success

Non-violence should be seen in thought, word and deed. The extent of our non-violence will be the measure of our success.

Don’t make brave excuses

In difficult times, cowards look for excuses, while brave people look for ways.

Self-destruction through anger

A person should be calm, not angry. Even when the iron is hot, the hammer must remain cool or it will burn its own handle. No matter how much the state heats up the subjects, it must eventually cool down.

Be courageous in the face of adversity

Work is fun only when there is danger in it. Hard work is the work of the brave, it is the work of men, cowards are afraid of trouble, but we are not cowards, we should not be afraid of difficulties.

Responsibility of every citizen

It is the responsibility of every citizen to feel that his country is free and it is his duty to protect its freedom. Every Indian should now forget whether he is a Rajput, a Sikh or a Jat. He should remember that he is an Indian and he has all the rights in this country but he also has some responsibilities.

There is no power without manpower

Manpower without unity is not power until it is properly unified and united and then it becomes spiritual power.

Great work requires faith and strength

Faith without power is worthless. Faith and power are both necessary to do any great work.

Always keep smiling

Even if we lose thousands of wealth and sacrifice our lives, we should keep smiling and be happy with faith in God and truth.

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