Recession: Mandibai knocked on the door, TV .. What advice did the owner of Amazon give about buying a car ..

Recession: The Recession Is Back, What Amazon Owners Recommend

Recession: Mandibai knocked on the door, TV .. What advice did the owner of Amazon give about buying a car ..

Recession has come.

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New Delhi : recession (recession) Phera is coming again in many countries. Not only the poor but also the superpower America (America) Inflation has crippled all economies. America’s largest e-commerce company Amazon The owner has some advice for everyone..

jeff bezos (Jeff Bezos) He has advised people to beware of recession. People should avoid the temptation of shopping now. Bezos advised not to buy expensive things.

For the time being, people should avoid buying things like TV, cars. save money. He said that some money should be kept tied up, because a long period of recession is yet to come. Economists of the world are watching his statement seriously.

in america CNN Talking to this news channel, he gave information about recession, its consequences and solutions. According to him, the big companies of the world are currently under the pressure of recession.

Especially tech companies are facing the brunt of this recession. Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk has shown the way out to more than half of the company’s employees. Meanwhile, Meta has laid off 11,000 workers.

Amazon’s current financial situation is dire. His wealth has declined by 40 per cent in a year. Under this pressure, the company has decided to lay off 10,000 employees. Since last month, the company has put a brake on the recruitment of employees.

until the economic situation becomes normal. Till then Amazon will not recruit new employees. During an interview to CNN, Bezos said that any company, individual should avoid taking risks in economic uncertainty.

Many economies are grappling with economic recession. Inflation has broken all records in America and Britain. This is affecting the development works and projects there. The economy of these countries is on a quarterly decline.

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