RBI Bank: These banks are the safest in the country! Where is your money Safest – India’s Safest Bank Selection Criteria and Importance RBI DSIB

RBI Bank: Your money is the most secure in these banks of the country, which are these banks?

New Delhi : by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Latest list of safest banks in the country (Safest Bank in India) announced. These banks include HDFC, ICICI and SBI (HDFC, ICICI, SBI) These banks are included in what are called D-SIBs. D-SIB stands for Domestic Systemically Important Bank. Every year the Central Reserve Bank releases the list of the safest banks in the country. These banks went into bad accounts. If they declare bankruptcy, it can break the back of the country’s economy. That’s why RBI, along with the Central Government, is constantly trying to save these banks from bankruptcy.

But this question must have come in everyone’s mind that how these banks are selected. What determines how important these banks are to the economic development and economy of the country. When did the Central Government, RBI feel the need to prepare such a list? Common people have many questions regarding this. The Central Government has made such an effort for D-SIB.

In 2008, there was a global recession. Of course, India was not affected by this recession. But in this recession many big banks of the world collapsed. At that time the central government and RBI felt the need to select some such banks. These banks were planned to provide all facilities to help the economy immediately during the recession.

Central government and RBI implement special scheme for these banks. If these banks face any kind of problem, then the central government lays special emphasis on saving them. DSBI started from there. Criteria were set for this.

In 2014, RBI created a framework for this. DSIB had prepared the first list in 2015. SBI and ICICI are at the top of this first list. Then another bank was added to this list. HDFC Bank entered the list.

Banks whose total assets are more than 2 per cent of the country’s gross national income are included in the list of DSIB banks. These banks are classified into five different categories on the basis of some specific points. This list is prepared in ascending order.

This is not the only bank in the country at number five in this list. ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank are at number one. After this comes the number of SBI. Certain rules apply to these banks as well. They had to follow these rules.

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