Rani Rashmoni, the promising daughter of India who fought with the British for the rights of fishermen, know the complete history

Rani Rashmoni Full Story: In 1850s, when the British were occupying India, a single woman came forward to challenge the British kings for her rights. which are called Rashmoni. She was well known as a social activist and philanthropic landlord of Kolkata’s Janbazar. She was the founder of the Dakshineswar Kali temple, and a major supporter of the famous Renaissance philosopher and religious guru Swami Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

Married at the age of 11
Her mother died when she was 7 years old. At the age of 11, she was married to Babu Ramchandra Das, a wealthy landlord in Jan Bazar, Kolkata. She was the third wife of Ramchandra Das. That means he had a lot of problems in the family as well. Also her husband Babu Rajchandra Das was much older than her. However, the queen’s financial position improved from here because her husband was a zamindar. After her husband’s death, she took over the entire burden of her zamindar and started to take care of all its responsibilities.

Fought the British for the fishermen
In 1840, the British government imposed a tax on fishing in the Hooghly River. As a result, the standard of living of the fishermen has come to a standstill. The British argued against this tax that fishing nets impeded the traffic of steamers. After this tax, the fishermen approached Rani Rasmani with an application for help. Then the Rani made a deal with the East India Company to help them, under which the Rani paid the company 10 thousand rupees, in return they got 10 kilometers of the Hooghly river bank. They fixed thick and very strong iron chains on the edge of their area and surrounded the place in such a way that it became a separate place. The queen now told the fishermen that they could come here and catch fish.

The trouble of the British increased
Being surrounded by chains, the British ships got stuck in between. When the company sought an answer from Rani, she submitted the contract documents with the company. Also told the problems of fishermen. Finally the British government had to yield. They realized that Rani Ye Lage had pretended to help the fishermen. That is why he completely removed the heavy tax imposed on fishing in Hooghly.

Did many social reform works
He did many social reform works during his lifetime. He built many concrete ghats in Kolkata. Build roads and gardens. Rani Rashmoni started many big projects.

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