Post Office Savings Schemes: More interest than Bank FD In this scheme you get more interest than Bank FD, know the complete details of the scheme

Post Office Scheme: In this post office scheme, you will get more interest than bank fixed deposits. There is no other investment plan.

Post Office Scheme: Earn more interest than bank FD, post office scheme is strong

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New Delhi : in bank (Edge) It is better to put money to good use than to keep it lying in the account. investment mantra (money investment) In practice, you can get good returns without taking much risk. Proper planning is beneficial for this. Prosperity comes from saving, but it requires investing money first. In these post account schemes, you get better benefits than bank fixed deposits (Bank FD) Get more returns. on post plans (Post Investment Plan) Ordinary investors still believe the same.

You get higher returns than bank FDs following savings schemes. Many nationalized and large private banks are offering low interest rates on savings schemes. This affects the customers. They do not get market rate returns in savings schemes. In such a situation, the customer is looking for options that give good returns.

The central government has increased the interest rate on some post account schemes for three months. Investing in it is very beneficial. At present, the rate of interest in various savings schemes of postal account is higher than almost all banks. These schemes can be considered while investing.

Post Office Time Deposit Scheme is the most popular scheme. This is one of the low saving schemes of Posta. You can save up to five years in this scheme. Customers get 6.7 percent interest on this five-year term deposit. You can extend this plan for another five years. It gives strong returns on investment over the long term.

The post has also started a savings scheme for senior citizens. Among these Senior Citizen Savings Scheme is a popular scheme. Senior citizens can invest in this scheme. This scheme offers 8 percent interest on your savings. There is no risk in investing in this scheme.

There are various options available under the Post Office Savings Scheme. Savings Deposit, Recurring Deposit, Fixed Deposit, Monthly Plan, Savings Certificate etc. Investors can choose from these options as per their financial goals. Now investors can also apply online.

Post Office Savings Account can be opened in cash only. Check and ATM facilities are now also provided for the customers. This account can be transferred from one post office to another post office. Interest is also available on the savings account.

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