Petrol Diesel Price: Crude oil costlier by $ 2, petrol in this city is Rs. 113 per liter, what is the price in your city – Petrol Diesel Price Today Latest News Update on January 18 2023 Citywide Rate list check SMS

Petrol Diesel Price: Know on SMS what is the price of petrol and diesel in your city today

Petrol Diesel Price: Crude oil costlier by $ 2, petrol in this city is Rs 113, what is the price in your city?

What is today’s price?

New Delhi : crude oil prices in international market (price of crude oil) Growth was again observed. In the last 24 hours, the price of crude oil has increased by about $ 2 per barrel. In this way the price of Brent crude went above $86. Meanwhile, on Wednesday, January 18, 2023, the prices of petrol and diesel will be revised by the oil marketing companies. (Petrol-Diesel Rate) announced. Petrol has become Rs 113.20 per liter in some cities of the country, while in some areas it has become cheaper by Rs 22 to 28 per liter as compared to your city. However, there was no change in prices in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai today. Know today’s petrol and diesel price in your city.

According to government oil marketing companies, petrol in Bihar’s capital Patna increased by 88 paise. Here the price of petrol reached Rs 108.12 per liter. Diesel increased by 82 paise. Diesel price increased to Rs 94.86 per liter. Prices in other cities also increased marginally.

Petrol price in Rajasthan’s Ganganagar district increased by 9 paise to Rs 113.20 today. Diesel price has been increased by 8 paise. Diesel is Rs 97.98 per litre. Petrol in Delhi costs Rs 96.65 and diesel costs Rs 89.82 per litre. Petrol in Mumbai costs Rs 106.31 and diesel costs Rs 94.27 per litre.

Petrol in Kolkata costs Rs 106.03 and diesel costs Rs 92.76 per litre. While petrol in Chennai is Rs 102.63 and diesel is Rs 94.24 per litre. The price of Brent crude rose by about $ 2. This price reached $ 86.41 per barrel. The price of WTI increased by about $ 3 to reach $ 80.73 per barrel.

The BJP at the Center and BJP-ruled states had reduced the excise duty on petrol and diesel after citizens expressed their anger against the hike in fuel prices. But despite the low prices in the international market, it has not benefited the Indian consumers.

Oil marketing companies in India announce rates at 6 am. Depending on the same, there is a difference in the price in different parts of the country according to the state tax, local body tax, commission of the pump owner. Based on that, there is a difference in fuel prices in different cities of the country.

Daily rates of petrol and diesel through SMS (How To Check Daily Diesel Petrol Price Through SMS) Indian Oil customers can know if they send RSP to 9224992249, they will know today’s new rates. There is no need to go to the petrol pump for this.

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BPCL customers can also check prices on their mobile phones from the comfort of their homes. Write RSP in the mobile message and send the message to 9223112222. After this, the company will inform him about today’s update rate through SMS. HPCL customers need to SMS HPPRICE to 9222201122.

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