Patanjali | Patanjali’s money mantra for investors, will bring 4 IPOs in the market. Swami Ramdev said – Patanjali will bring 4 more IPOs with Ayurveda, plans to create 5 lakh direct jobs

Patanjali | The Patanjali group business of yoga guru Ramdev Baba wants to advance yoga. To dominate the stock market, Kapani will bring 4 IPOs.

Patanjali |  Patanjali's money mantra for investors, will bring 4 IPOs in the market

Sum of 4 IPOs

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Patanjali | Yoga Guru Ramdev Baba (Ram Dev Baba) His Patanjali group wants to do business. Patanjali in the next 5 years (Patanjali) There is a target of 1 lakh crore business in the whole country. Through this the company gives employment to 5 lakh people. (employment) ready to give. So to dominate the stock market, Cups 4 IPO will bring

Patanjali Ayurveda The company is coming up with 4 new IPOs, through which investors will be given a chance to earn again.

Swami Ramdev has geared up to make the country self-sufficient in edible oil. The company will cultivate palm in 15 lakh acres. Through this, preparations are being made to raise a market capital of 5 lakh crores.

The company is going to have a turnover of 1 lakh crore in the next 7 years. Presently the turnover of Patanjali company is Rs 40,000 crore. The company wants to expand this business. For this the company is going to step into new business.

Patanjali Group’s 4 IPOs are going to hit the market. in this patanjali ayurveda, patanjali medicine, patanjali wellness and patanjali lifestyle This includes the IPOs of these companies that will soon hit the market.

The company has started the work of listing these companies in the IPO market. Therefore, investors will benefit greatly. In the past, these investors have taken advantage. Now they can again get the benefit of investing in this IPO.

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Patanjali Group is preparing for 5 companies with a market cap of 5 lakh crores. Extension and other schemes will be started soon. On the basis of this, it is considered to be a tough competition to foreign companies in the market.

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