Pariksha Pe Charcha : If you get fewer seats than Congress? If given a chance, children will ask questions to Prime Minister Modi!

Report – Shasht Singh

Jhansi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will discuss the exam to guide the students ahead of the board exams. In this program, children from different parts of the country ask their questions to the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister answers many questions. But, not every child gets a chance to ask their minister a question. In such a situation, News 18 Local asked the children of Jhansi what questions they would have asked the Prime Minister if given the chance.

Rishita, a student said why the syllabus is not done term wise? This will reduce the stress on children and reduce incidents like suicide. Class 9 student Virat wants to know from the Prime Minister why government schools are not working on providing quality education and good facilities. Advik said the prime minister wanted to ask what his plan was to control the growing population and rising poverty.

Questions on favorite foods and Congress too

Jatin Verma, a student said, I wanted to ask the Prime Minister, what is his favorite food? Aditya said that I wanted to ask if Congress gets more votes in the upcoming elections, what will Prime Minister Modi do in such a situation. Divyansh said that he will ask the Prime Minister to pay more attention to sports to improve India’s performance in the Olympics. Specially, today the Prime Minister is going to discuss about the exam. Which will be broadcasted live in all the schools of the country.

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